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A Ps1 Controller to Rule them All Evo 2014

This weekend FGC fans from all over the world converge to one spot to watch the best of the best take on different fighting games. In this we have one gamer who was an underdog with simple tech, but packing […]


Mighty No. 9 Animated Series Announcement at Anime Expo

You read that right folks, the game that reached one million dollars in one day is now getting a world-wide animated series. If you were at this past weekends Anime Expo in L.A, you were there to witness from Mega […]


Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

It has been two weeks since the release of the DLC upgrade of Super Street Fighter IV transforming our copies into Ultra Street Fighter IV. Now there has been an uprising of anger, torment and out cries of the pricing […]


Preview of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter has been a fan favorite for many years now and of course another sequel hits the 3Ds with a nice preview just in time for E3 2014.


Review of Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist

It took two people to hear the cries of fans all over the world to give us what we expected in a live action Street Fighter series. I have said it for years that it should not be that hard […]


Ultra Street Fighter IV has a Release Date

All right fighters, it is almost time for the digital upgrade release which will be the first to hit our systems on June 3rd for Ps3 and June 4th on Xbox Live Marketplace. There is so much win in digital […]


March Madness II Mega Ran Remix

I am a person that digs a lot of music, but in each genre something catches my ears and that time is now. There is this artist goes by the name Darealwordsound and he decided to combine his geek persona […]


Top Ten Tuesday Presents: That Ninja Effect

What is going on gamers all and welcome to this weeks Top Ten Tuesday where we pick out the best of the best Ninja’s in gaming history. I kid you not we picked out a great team of shinobi’s to […]


So, Let’s Talk About Ultra Street Fighter IV and Decapre

I am not sure I wanted to deem this a “Wtf Gamer?” post or not, but we are going to kick this up a notch. First off Happy St. Patty’s day good people and I hope you all had a […]


Top Ten Tuesday Presents: We Got A Fever for More Lego Games

The Lego franchise has blown up tremendously through the years and the recent success of The Lego Movie, just shows how amazing and creative you can be with legos. However, I’ve had many talks through the years of what would […]