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Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Review

There are many problems when it comes to war, especially when others get involved . As of right now, the Autobots are struggling with a new threat and the return of an old one. This time around we will cross […]


Legend of Korra Video Game Preview

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to this amazing preview of an awesome cartoon which is having a season 3 premiere today, so why not show off a new game coming from Platnium Games and published by Activision. I am very […]


Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Escalation Preview

The one thing you have to keep in mind when fighting in a war is that you are a part of a team and as a team it is up too all of you to hold the line and stay […]


Preview Update of Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Can you handle dealing with two wars at the same setting? On one hand we have the war on Cybertron where devastation reaps the world into two, but on the other side we have the Earth war and things are […]


The Rise of the Dark Spark Bumblebee Showcase

The worlds are colliding at both Generation 1 Cybertron Transformers and the Michael Bay movie transformers finally co-exist in a story to tie both in one big battle. In this short preview you will see both worlds of Bumblebee, who […]


Amazing Spider-man 2 Update: Kingpin Reveal

Some heroes have to understand that there will be always someone hiding behind the scenes ready and waiting to bring you down! This time around the web head is going to have to deal with the biggest crime boss of […]


Amazing Spider-man 2 pre-order Bonus Reveal

The Amazing Spider-man 2 game is almost upon and as a special update for you web heads out there; if you pre-order now in our amazon store, you will get these amazing costume packs. Each outfit offers unique combat bonuses throughout […]


The Evolution of Call of Duty: Detailing the Highlights (and low-lights) of the Franchise.

I want you to stop, take a moment and tell me what you were doing ten years ago.  How old were you? What grade were you in? What console did you own? What was your new favorite video game? Chances […]


Preview of Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

The fate of the universe rest in the hands of you as you take on both sides once again, but this time having to battle on Cybertron and on Earth. It will be up to you to either safe both […]


Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kraven Trailer

For some of you that are wondering about what you would rather be the hunter or the hunted? At times the cat and mouse game can get pretty old, but luckily for Spider-man, he will have someone to teach him […]