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Memories can Define you in Bayonetta: Bloody Fate Anime Review

How do your memories define you? It is funny how you can be controlled by your past and many strong people have manipulated by what they know. In the case of Bayonetta, her memories may not be all there, but […]


Heavenly Sword Movie Review

How much weight does a prophecy have when it is followed by ignorance? Can you really trust the word of those that believe in what they just read and not understand the meaning behind it? Here we have Nariko; the […]


May the best girl win, Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX

Hey guys, do you happen to like anime? Well what about fighting games? Well what about cute notorious anime girls duking it out each other to the death? Yeah now I got your attention. If you’re looking for some intense […]


I know Kung-Fu: SwordsMan Online Beta First Impression

Crouching Beta, Hidden MMO Style!…Yea that was terrible, but more importantly I’m here to bring you hands on with “Swordsman” MMO Beta from gaming company Perfect World. It’s not gonna be much of a full review since its still in […]


First Impressions – Anime Style – Sword Art Online

Good Day Fellow Readers, I am here to present to you, the reader, my thoughts about “Sword Art Online.” First off, I have heard about the series for a while but was never inclined to read or watch it. It […]


What’s cooking in the Kenshin? The new Rurouni Kenshin film preview

“A sword is used to protect life”: A famous theme introduced in one of the world’s most beloved anime, Rurouni Kenshin. If you’re like me, then you’re probably surprised to hear this is not the first Rurouni Kenshin movie, but the […]


Edge of Tomorrow Review

All right everyone welcome back from this awesome weekend, it is I Kuma and I am here with my Call of Duty…I am sorry Edge of Tomorrow review. In all seriousness I felt that Edge of Tomorrow showed me what […]


Red Goddess: Inner World Preview

Whose ready to delve into their own mind in order to cope with and unravel your deepest psychological stresses? I know I am. Red Goddess will be the perfect conduit, for the story revolves around a deity known as “Divine,” […]


Review of Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist

It took two people to hear the cries of fans all over the world to give us what we expected in a live action Street Fighter series. I have said it for years that it should not be that hard […]


Review of Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends PC

You know the old saying, “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well what about, “just because it is not broke, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved”? The Dynasty Warriors series is a prime example of that same notion with […]