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Natural Movement will Keep you Alive in Dying Light

This new dev dairy will give you a close look on how to truly survive in the latest first person survival horror game Dying Light from Techland. Check it out and enjoy.


Ninja Theory shows off Hellblade Teaser at Gamescon

New title coming from Ninja Theory called Hellblade seems to features a warrior female dealing with some new evil, but again this is just a teaser. Enjoy the teaser.


Dead Island 2 Gamescon Preview

In Spring 2015, be prepared to slaughter, mame, dismantle and, of course, smash in the new Dead Island 2 that features some interesting ways to deal with the Zombie hordes. Lets watch the carnage shall we!


Gamescon Preview of Dying Light

“Kill or be killed,” they say. But is that what you would do? Many of us spend time thinking up survival scenarios if something of an apocalypse were to happen. I honestly think that many of us are kidding ourselves […]


Congratulations to Spark Plug Games Making Their Kickstarter Goal

Congratulations are in order to Spark Plug Games and their game Mech Runner which I backed up a while back. Spark Plug games had a set goal of $25,000, but they over shot to end their run last week at […]


Preview of Mechrunner

It has been a long time since we had a decent robot action game. I remember the years of Cyborg Justice, Robotech Games, Zone of the Enders, Transformer games and the list goes on between genres. Mechrunner is one of […]


Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Preview

This is the season where new game previews flood our rumor mills and information streams, because during this time we get a look at things to come for the fall season. This time around we have a video of the […]


Bound by Flame Preview

What happens when evil decides to freeze everything and anything in your realm? Who can rise up to take down this new threat that wants everything to be at a stand still? It at this time that certain alliances need […]


Transformers Universe Update: Catapult and Shellshock Showcase.

Listen up Autobots and Decepticons all! Kuma is here with new intel on some new classes that will be available in the Transformers Universe. If you’re not aware of the new MMO coming to your PC, please pay close attention […]


Manga Monday On Kill La Kill Finale

It has come to an end, it was an amazing ride, but the Kill La Kill finale has graced us with an interesting ending. I was a bit taken back from the beginning with the whole idea of the series, […]