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Congratulations to Spark Plug Games Making Their Kickstarter Goal

Congratulations are in order to Spark Plug Games and their game Mech Runner which I backed up a while back. Spark Plug games had a set goal of $25,000, but they over shot to end their run last week at […]


Preview of Mechrunner

It has been a long time since we had a decent robot action game. I remember the years of Cyborg Justice, Robotech Games, Zone of the Enders, Transformer games and the list goes on between genres. Mechrunner is one of […]


Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Preview

This is the season where new game previews flood our rumor mills and information streams, because during this time we get a look at things to come for the fall season. This time around we have a video of the […]


Bound by Flame Preview

What happens when evil decides to freeze everything and anything in your realm? Who can rise up to take down this new threat that wants everything to be at a stand still? It at this time that certain alliances need […]


Transformers Universe Update: Catapult and Shellshock Showcase.

Listen up Autobots and Decepticons all! Kuma is here with new intel on some new classes that will be available in the Transformers Universe. If you’re not aware of the new MMO coming to your PC, please pay close attention […]


Manga Monday On Kill La Kill Finale

It has come to an end, it was an amazing ride, but the Kill La Kill finale has graced us with an interesting ending. I was a bit taken back from the beginning with the whole idea of the series, […]


That Batman: Arkham Knight Update with Screens

At this years GDC, Rocksteady sits with developers to talk about the latest Batman Arkham Knights title coming to the PC, Ps4 and Xbox One. I am so excited that Rocksteady is back on board with Batman games and this […]


Infamous Second Son Review

You know what they say about family and how, “when all else fails, that’s who you depend on.” How accurate is that when loses their humanity and is deemed a bio-terrorist. Can you honestly say that you will still have […]


Amazing Spider-man 2 pre-order Bonus Reveal

The Amazing Spider-man 2 game is almost upon and as a special update for you web heads out there; if you pre-order now in our amazon store, you will get these amazing costume packs. Each outfit offers unique combat bonuses throughout […]


Hammerwatch Review PC

One moment you’re walking around the corner, weapon ready. The next, you’re retreating back around that corner, followed by a horde of insurmountable odds. This is Hammerwatch, the dungeon crawling hack-and-slash adventure that cause everyone to immediately think of the good […]