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Super Smash Bros. WiiU Gaming Review

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After a couple of weeks of playing Smash Bros. on the 3DS we finally get to hit the big screen version of Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU! Though it’s very similar to its portable counterpart, there are plenty of differences between the two games. You’ll find the same roster of fighters here as on 3DS. Though later on around spring 2015, we get MewTwo as a DLC. Even the Mii Fighters are here as well, you can now have your own personal Mii character joining the battle coming in three base move sets: Brawler, Swordfighter, and Gunner. Each has access to 12 specials. And even more useful with the Mii Fighters, you can transfer them from the console to the 3DS back n forth on the go.


Now getting into the core of the game, Nintendo got tired of dealing with the same classic smash modes and online matches we normally have in the previous smash games and added some more modes to keep us busy for a while.

Not only we can have 4 players smashing against each other, we can now have 8 players duking it out. At first it can get a bit eye cluttering not knowing what’s going on with some many people fighting around , but luckily having large stages helps even it out. And as for the online connection, it’s actually well balanced. At times there will be a bit of lagging only because that one person doesn’t have good internet, but so far I’ve been getting decent matches. The net-code is way better than the previous Smash Bros. game that’s for sure.


We have Smash Tour Mode which is a hybrid form of Smash and Mario Party . Having players interact in mini-games around the board collecting stats, characters, and other special items. When you run into an opposing player you’ll begin a fight, and once all turns have been completed in a game, you’ll have a final battle. The final battle will make use of the increased stats from the stat icons you’ve collected, and your lives are made up of the various characters collected while navigating the board.


Of course they brought back Stadium Events to play around in Target Blast, Multi-Man Smash, and Home-Run Contest to have you and your friends to try to break each other records.

And finally Event Mode, you face off against A.I. players in very specific and often odd tasks. These events usually involve playing as a specific character, and defeating other fighters in a certain amount of time. You win rewards for every challenge you beat.
Finally we have the Amiibo figurines. These little guys are neat toys to collect. Each figurine has a little chip inside that lets you create an AI player to fight against or fight for you. It’s quite simple, you place the figurine on the bottom left corner of the game-pad, and pops up your game character. It’s customizable. You can change its color scheme and feed it equipment’s you earned from playing the game to build up its stats. Now the Amiibos have a leveling system that can only go up to Level 50, and it’s really easy to leveling them up. It took me about an hour to fully level up my amiibos’ by having them fight each other. But even though they reached their leveling limit, they can still learn. The more they fight, the smarter they become. Recently there was an online tournament and someone register an amiibo that ended up 3rd place against real high rank gamers. Kind of gives me the whole SKYnet vibe (Terminator humor). But either way it’s an interesting new feature Nintendo brought in. And most shoppers are already going crazy trying to collect them all like Pokemon treating them like some rare items you will never see again and its only been the first wave of amiibo figurines that’s been out.


Either way, Super Smash Bros. for the WiiU is an impressive game. The graphics looks pristine and vivid in HD. The stages are just gorgeous. The soundtrack is immersive and nostalgic, which by the way if you own both the 3DS and WiiU versions, you can try to register them at the Nintendo Club site and get the Soundtrack for free later this Spring 2015 (Same goes for the MewTwo DLC). The controls are easy to adjust. You even have many options to choose to use your controllers. You can use Game Pad, Wii Remote, Remote and Nunchuck combo, Wii Classic Controller, and the GameCube controllers which of course you need to get the adapter for.


There is enough modes and features and hopefully some DLC in the near future to keep you occupy for hours to come. I give this game 4 out 5 rating scale. Now if you excuse me, I got to pick up some more Amiibos to collect! This is SephDean signing out, Peace!


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