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Super Review Post on our Favorite Superhero Shows

  • Daredevil
  • Gotham
  • The Flash
  • Agents of Shield
  • Arrow

Hi guys, sorry it’s been a while but I thought it would be okay to just do a week recap instead of a Flash update. Been a little busy this week but let’s get started with an awesome week.

Let’s start with Daredevil. Comic book shows are getting better and better. Scale of 1-5 stars I give it a 4.


The only flaw was the pacing of the story. As a writer I understand because you have to walk through the darkness slowly as well with our hero to feel what he is going through. There are only 13 episodes on Netflix. However, I am not going get too detailed; I’ll leave that to Kuma. This is classic good guy vs. bad guy story. We first learn the origin of our title character and how he became blind and his relationship with his father. When his father died and he discovered the body and cried out “Daddy get up…”it had me holding back a tear. I remember the same line from the comics, but to see it played out was moving. Best first episode for heroes ever, Then we slowly learn of our villain Wilson Fisk. We learn of his childhood and how he became this monster. I went into this show knowing the back stories would change and how it has to fit for television. First in the comics we all know that Fisk/Kingpin was always a Spiderman villain. I get it, and it works here so well. The dynamic of team Daredevil works well here too: Foggy, Karen, Ben and Matt all working one side of the story will Daredevil works the other. You must see episode 11 Nelson vs. Murdock (Foggy/Matt) it gives us such a lesson on friendship that it should get nominated for an Emmy. The fight scenes are amazing especially with the camerawork. Some fight scenes from what I read is done in one take! Dive into Daredevil-Without Fear!!

Gotham welcome back.


Now help me understand why the 2 stories of Bruce Wayne and Fish are not working for me. Bruce is a young detective now trying to piece together his family’s murder and the family company is after him. But he is not Batman yet, he can’t even push over the ledge Reggie Payne the man who hurt Alfred, He is not ready yet. And Fish orchestrating a prison break off an island we don’t know where it’s at. I know it helps introduce the Dollmaker but this is so too the left. This is an episode I enjoyed the core story of Gordon chasing the Ogre. Welcome back Milo to episodic TV as the Ogre. Milo is from my other favorite show Heroes, perfect for this role. He plays a serial killer that Gordon is tracking and it continues next episode. I give this episode 3 and half stars.

The Flash- wow!! 5 stars!


I don’t understand the title All-Star Team up. Was it a play on words? The Atom’s involvement was minimal at best. Flash core was not too exciting only a way to get Ray Palmer closer to the actual Atom suit. I love the fact that Barry included part of Team Flash in the unraveling the mystery of Dr. Wells. They can help him get to the truth, but at what cost? As Cisco is having flashes of the alternate universe where he dies, is it all worth it? I love the pacing in getting us to season finale of a Flash/Reverse Flash re-match. The story of Eddie is getting better also because he can’t bear the fact of lying to Iris and the fact that he knows Barry is the Flash. Stay tuned true believe (that is actually for the campy Batman TV show Kuma). Don’t miss the true cross over with the Arrow next episode also.

Agents of Shield-Whoa, took my breath away- 4 and a half stars.


I’m cautious cause as a fan I don’t like the rabbit hole they are going down with this. It is not going like the comic book because now it seems that Coulson will have a lot to do with the Inhumans. I love the idea of Skye getting training on top of some mountain and reunited with her family. But hurry up with your training girl- Coulson needs the Quake!! With the impending battle between Shield and Quasi Shield I hope we see Nick Fury make an appearance in the season finale. May cannot possibly believe Coulson is doing all of this crazy collecting of powers behind their back? Fritz, way to go with the opening of the box, just in time to help Hunter and Coulson! The Bahrain flashback was awesome and great tie-in to the current story with Skye’s mom. This gets us deep into why May is the way she is. It also gives us hope that she is still on our side. It all sound like a battle royal set for the season finale- Arrow style!! Make Mine Marvel!

And speaking of Arrow: 4 stars.


The show came back to it true meaning, the real Team Arrow. Even though adding Ray Palmer is crazy, but is it? He is the male version of Felicity. I thought we lost Roy when he went to prison, but now we really lost him. Here’s hoping you wind up in a new show of your own kid. Detective Lance’s crusade on bringing Arrow down is not new, we are revisiting themes from season one. Ras Al Ghul thinking that Killing Thea would turn Oliver to his agenda, he is wrong. It’s time folks for the battle royal season finale, and I have a feeling Barry (or his Team) will be a part of it. You see how Cisco sneaked his way into this episode. Meta-humans wafting over into Starling city. I think the real All Star Team-up is yet to come. Ok family, tell me your thoughts and I hope you enjoyed. Keep moving forward!


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