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Seeing Red: The Blacklist Episode Review

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So let’s get our own recap: Red Reddington is a unique character. Red is on the FBI most wanted list. One day he just ups and turns himself in. He is sent to section Chief Harold Cooper who can’t get a word out of him. Red says he will only talk to a new recruit Liz Keen. Now here’s the core of the show: Red has a list of nasty criminals that fly under the radar that can cause global havoc at the drop of a dime. The Blacklist;Just like our other favorite shows- Arrow, Flash, Agents of Shield, the core story could be exciting, or the they could be boring. So what keeps us going. The back story. In this case even in season 2 we are still wondering: Why Lizzy? Why these criminals?, who is the syndicate that Red is running from?, Is Red Lizzy’s daddy?, And today episode Who what why is the Fulcrum!

Ok enough of the recap, on to the episode. This core story is so not interesting that I’m glad I recorded it so I could fast forward. But: Vanessa Cruz is number 117 on the list. She is a vixen out for revenge for her husband. She hatches a plot to get all parties involved with her husband’s demises. She inserts herself in their lives and brings them down in a High profile way. And she does it all with shelf company (fake companies set aside and hidden) that it leads us to Lizz’s ex-husband. Tom was planted in Lizzy’s life as a spy all first season we thought it was the syndicate who put him there, but it was Red as we completely find out in this episode. On the run from some Germans, he uses shelf companies to fund his underground activities. So Lizzy uses Tom to get to the Blacklister. And Red uses the Blacklister for something in the future.

Red is up to something though. He is trying to outsmart the syndicate that he has the Fulcrum when he actually doesn’t- Lizzy has it. (She found it in a childhood doll that was the only other survivor of a house fire that Red save her from when she was a kid). The syndicate plays a game of their own to see if Red has it. Using an old associate of Red’s to pry the information out, in the cat and mouse game, they determine Red doesn’t have it.

Tom needs Lizzy to get bunch of his passports that Liz found in their home, but they are locked up in evidence. So Lizzy uses Tom Shelf Company as leverage in getting the passports. But her curiosity of the passports is what brings these episodes to a close. Tom tells her the passports came from Red and he was hired by Red to get into her life. The syndicate made a counter offer to get intel on Red and her.

Lizzy ask Red to come because the man who has lied to her for years just told her that Red is the one who brought Tom in her life. He affirms the accusation and tries to explain, but Lizzy gives him the Fulcrum and turns to walk away while he is trying to explain. Red is shot by a sniper, Liz rushes back to him and it looks as if he is bleeding out. Red’s bodyguard grabs the Fulcrum while trying to help his boss. And the 3 are left helpless as we hear the sniper still shooting at them.

I know that wasn’t all of the excitement of this awesome show, but it is enough to hold you until the next episode (not until May) or I have a recap blog in the next few weeks. Liz needs to trust Red since she has nothing else and no one else she can lean on. If she doesn’t she will also be in the syndicates cross hairs. In the words on of Red- It’s all criminal!

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