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Saints Row: Gat out of hell Review

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You ever wondered what would happen if someone told you to, “Go to Hell” and a worm hole actually rips you into hell? Yes, me too and that opportunity is coming to the saints after their big victory against the aliens and surviving the virtual reality world of steelport. The Saints now have some downtime to celebrate Kinzie’s birthday until the Boss gets a visit from Satan and now is being forced to marry his daughter. In the first time ever will we get the opportunity on a new adventure where we get to play as the violent Johnny Gat as he takes on hell with Kinzie and hopefully find their boss before it is too late? Time to nut up and shoot Satan in the face!


If you a a Saints Row veteran like myself then you are already aware of how crazy the game has become through the years. After the first game things become more comedic and then by the time we reached the third and fourth titles it just goes full on parody with great humor and national lampoons style situations. Now we are literally going to Hell with Johnny Gat leading the charge to rescue their boss from the clutches of Satan himself, however you are with a partner Kinzie. This is the first time we get to take control of the kinky hacker herself and she is an important asset by helping Gat get through the dangers of hell, but you are not alone.


Okay, in every saint’s game you know you are dealing with an open world experience that grants you access to allies and special abilities. Thanks to the Ultor Corporation trying to capitalize on stopping Satan to gain more prophets, which is a reasonable reason. You team up with passed saints including some famous new allies which are Vlad the impaler, William Shakespeare, Black Beard the pirate and the Twins just to name a few. Each character you meet grants you super abilities, but my favorite so far is the wings from Lucifer’s broken Halo.


The gameplay all around is pretty solid with the options of just using your powers or the vehicles around the area. The best part is the interaction with the NPC’s (non-playable characters) in the environment which are all lost souls. There is nothing more hilarious than a demonic ambulance that is targeting everyone on the street including you instead of helping others. You have to appreciate a game that gives the world its own personality that not only threatens you, but everything around you. However the demon souls’ wandering around becomes dull, being that they are all the same, but doesn’t ruin the moment too much.


Violition pulls no punches when making their eccentric series and once again I am shocked to see a musical involved during the game. I ask for you to direct your attention to the clip below where get a nice play style of the main plot of the game.


Keep in mind that this is a twenty dollar game that fills like a forty to fifty dollar title and that makes all the reason you should have this in your saints collection. This is one of those games that was well done and brings in a unique form of entertainment while on a budget. That is rare since we mostly play high priced games that are half of what it is truly worth. There is a lot of replay value involved, but some can state that it is pretty much like part four and I am okay with that since this is an expansion. It has the same mechanics and same side objectives of collecting orbs to level up your character, but the beauty of it is that they make fun of it for you.


All and all for the $20 dollar price tag, but in game hours clocked at over 4 hours, but that is minus the side missions. It was still worth the price tag and now I have to go back into to see the other endings. I am giving Saints Row: Gat out of Hell 4.5 out 5. Please pick up this title which is available now on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC, but keep in mind the digital download is $19.99 no tax. I hope you enjoyed this review and please do us a favor and add your e-mail in the subscription box to your right to stay up to date on the latest post. Stay frosty gamers!


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