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Rollers of the Realms is mash of two worlds I enjoy very much, Pinball and RPG. I never thought I would see these two mashed up genres mashed up, or would comprehend that how it would work out very well. But surprisingly I found myself hooked on it.

First thing that got me hooked was the visuals, not just graphics but the artwork put into the design. Really brought me back to playing those old school medieval rpg’s. To see how clean and beautiful the visuals were is great to see in rather simple game.

The story is quite simplistic which works well for the game since we are trying to focus on playing a pinball game. A thief just trying to survive in the world, being joined by others with similar disposition.


The gameplay is a bit confusing for me, as I was not sure how the items bought helped the character but could of been because I was playing a demo. But being able to switch between characters with different abilities was nice. And having boss battles was great, reminded me of “House of Dead Pinball” for the Gameboy. Also not clear as to when I level up and the purpose of leveling other than opening locked items until user reaches a particular level, which seems like you could just make them cost more. A nice touch of to the game is giving the main paddles life bars. As the enemy is allowed to attack them and make the paddles smaller. This little addition actually put a smile on my face as it made the game more interesting and more difficult as the paddles got smaller.

Another bit of annoyance is the controls with the keyboard, but I could of spent some time to change the buttons. But I do see this game being a bit more easier using a controller. This was probably my only real gripe about this game which I have control over. Just do not think a keyboard would be suitable for this game, as your allowed to move the character/pinball left or right.


Overall I think people should give this game a try. It was entertaining and kept me going until I got tired. So it is pretty addictive to play, just a fair warning.

KimChee X out.

Rollers of the Realm will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PC Today, go check it out. 


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