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Review on Powers & Comic Book Comparison

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After a long month of fixing my computer, I am back to tackle this questionable show of Powers and compare it with its comic book counterpart by the same name. Let’s get started!


Be warned for Spoilers!

I will be reviewing the last couple of episodes since a lot has happened since then. So far, Wolfe had escaped once, but failed and had been locked up with the Drainer. Since being under the Drainer, he decided he wants his powers to be removed completely and permanently. Now that everyone knew about the Drainer, the Powers Division had one installed into their temporary jail cell so to make capturing Powers much easier. Walker and Pilgrim go to arrest Simons and throw him in this cell, but something unexpected happened. One of Simons’ clones never made it back to the original body before being exposed by the Drainer and in result killed his clone, damaging the original Simons in the process.


Fast forwarding a little, Calista decides to take Sway hoping that it might activate her powers. It didn’t, but surprisingly she survives the effects. After learning that Wolfe has changed his mind about getting rid of his powers and wants to drain all of the powers of the Powers that took sway, Walker and Royale plot to kill Wolfe. So far story wise, it’s not that bad. Like I said in my earlier reviews, it has potential, but the interaction with the characters is still pretty weird and sometimes awkward and the writing is a bit lazy. Serious, every second or third sentence of dialog contains an F-bomb. There are other ways of expressing anger people, be creative.

Now let’s talk about the comic book. I haven’t read much on the Powers comic books, but I’ve read enough to know that the show is going way off from the books. One main difference is that fact that Retro Girl dies in the first few books but not on the show. Another difference is that Johnny Royale isn’t even in the books but he’s very important in the show. Also, Calista is supposed to be the reincarnation of Retro Girl, or something like that. I am not surprised because most film or television adaptations of books usually deviate from their original origins. That doesn’t necessarily mean that that is bad, but it is risky. On the other hand, it’s good that the original creators try something different with the adaption that they probably couldn’t try with their original.


So my final thoughts for this show are this: it has something going, but I don’t see it lasting for more than a season or two. But who knows what the future holds, after all, it might not be A-list material, but it’s still a decent show. This is Trickster signing off from Powers and until next time, don’t forget to Make Magic!

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