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Review of The Legend of Korra Battle for Zaofu: will Korra Step Up?

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There are times when the chips are laid out on the table and peaceful negotiations are no longer as option, especially when your enemy is drunk with power. This is the final season for The Legend of Korra and now with dealing with Kuvira “The Great Uniter” with her ideals of bringing peace to the Earth Kingdom by “politely” convincing the people to join as one under her rule. As a great one eyed leader once said, “You speak of peace, but I am thinking you mean the other thing.” Which in that I one hundred percent agree since things began to unravel of her true intent as Bolin and Varick had discovered, but now everyone looks upon Korra to do as what Varick would say, “The Thing!” in order to settle this matter once and for all. Sh*ts about to get real people!


In our last episode Bolin and Varick were betrayed by Zhu Li who sided with Kuvira which was understandable, but messed up. Korra finally go through her issues thanks to Toph and has returned to restore balance with Milo and the rest of the Airbender Avengers…that is what I call them at least. Now it we have Su and her two sons decided to infiltrate Kuvira’s camp while they were both on a truce, which is as many of you know a bad idea! In that we have the battle of the ages with Kuvira challenging Korra to a one on one match with the stakes for Su’s city if Kuriva wins and for Korra for Kuvira to stand down. This is one of those momentous situations where everyone is pressuring Korra to step up and solve this problem with the Avatar State, but something is pulling Korra back as usual where we believed once she got rid of the metal poison things would be back to normal. However there seems to be still something else that is causing much hesitation.




On the other side where Varick and Bolin are forced to produce this new spirit vine technology that has been turned into a weapon. I have to say Varick is one cleaver sick S.O.B who is a bit too eccentric for his own good as he is becoming more of a likable character, but I hope Bolin bounces back from all this as being one powerful Earth bender with his lava bending. That comedic banter between them two is great and I am looking forward to more of the “Abbot and Castello” style humor. In that this episode was a mixture of comedy and serious actions. Each Avatar through years always has to make that harsh decision to take out their opponent viciously to restore balance, but with Korra she has a lot of deep seeded emotions to deal with. Korra has had a harsh time, but part of it is her temper getting in the way of her duties and clouding her judgment to handle situations properly. I believe she needs more spirit time as Ang did, but that’s all on her.


In that this latest episode of The Legend of Korra was top notch and I have to give it a 4 out of 5. Being that this is the final season I have no clue what is going to happen, because how things are going with Korra. I am not sure how she was favor because she barely wins these fights, especially after what happened to her in the last season. She needs to step her game up and start realizing her true potential or she might end up not surviving the struggle. If you have not seen the latest episode yet, please head on over to to watch the full episode.


Thanks for checking out this review and be sure to come back for the next episode. Stay frosty!


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