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Re-Boots Can be good if done right.

hellsing-alucard_00308456Good Day Fellow Readers,

KimChee X here again to bring you some insights and knowledge, well at least some personal opinions on ……Re-Boots.

Re-boots can be wonderful things if done correctly, but they can be complete disasters. Re-boots and remakes have been happening for quite some time, when the movie industry or the anime/manga seem to be in a standstill, re-boots anrrk_kb_ch003_-_018d remakes will happen. The only problem with re-boots is that if it is done wrong it can ruin the series for the new generation as well as the old.

Let’s take a step back and review to the term re-boot. We used this term to signify that the series or movie needed a fresh perspective to be brought back into our mind again. Especially if the series was a hit from the beginning and the series has ended for quite some time. Re-boot and remakes have been going on for quite some time and it has had mixed reactions. From Astro Boy and Speed Racer to the most recent anime reboot, Sailor Moon and manga Rurouni Kenshin Kinema Ban.

OVA_9Normally re-boots always feels like a means to make more money on the popularity of a series that as ended. But on the rare occasions the reboot does take the series to the next level which why a re-boot is never a bad thing. Recently Sailor Moon has come out, and even though I was not a huge fan of the original, I feel like they have kept the core essence of the series while added something new to the series. This also goes for Hellsing Ultimate, this series kept the core premise for the series but made it extremely graphic than the original anime series.

A good reboot doesn’t try to change the core essence but adds to the universe it belonged to. On the flip side, if the re-boot is just the same story with better animation it is not going to do so well since the original has done do, on the same side trying to re-imagine a truly great series is going to have some backlash as the original was great to begin with and trying to change the world we already know is like telling someone that good is bad and bad is good. You cannot switch these two ideas.

So don’t automatically assume a re-boot will be bad and don’t assume a bad original being re-booted will be bad. Just give everything a chance and decide for yourself.


KimChee X over and out.hellsing_ultimate_4_by_pedronex-d73ndsx

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