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Pokken Tournament Lucario vs Pikachu Preview

Pokken Tournament is going to be the fighting game that starts off with you saying, “WTF” and may turn out to be good. In the preview footage below to give us a closer look at the battle system.

Damn, now that is some intense fighting.


What I would like to see!

Now being that this is a Pokemon game just turned into a fighter, I could not help but notice that you still have to have a trainer character while pokemon are fighting. So in that could there be a quest mode involve with you catching other pokemon and learning their abilities or maybe training them to be better. I know I am asking for a lot here, but I like the idea of a pokemon game still holding the traditional style of Pokemon even as a fighter. This changes up the playing field for pokemon entirely where as we can throw away the weaknesses somewhat.


What I mean is since this is now a fighter a Grass type pokemon can have a better chance against a fire type or a fire type being able to beat a water type and so on. It also seems in the video preview that there is a skill set and character assistance available. I want to dig deeper into this title, but for now this preview was very helpful even if it was in Japanese.


In that please check out more videos on PS3GamingHD and be sure to comment your thoughts below. I want to know how you feel about Pokken Tournament and who do you hope will be in the game? Stay frosty gamers!


Video Source| Youtube channel PS3GamingHD

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