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PlayStation Now Review, is it Worth it?

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I know that some of us wish that when a next gen system comes out they are fully backwards compatible. It would be nice to have four generations of console game possible on one system, but that comes with system issues that some of us can’t ignore. Thankfully there came a digital store to download those great titles and we could keep them, but keep in mind that you hard drive is limited. This was a problem for Xbox users, since the PS3 was able to upgrade the hard drive. Now that we have PlayStation Now which in the beginning I thought was a better downloading service for games that I already purchased on the PS3, but my ignorance didn’t last long as I did research and the release was coming closer. Now that it is here and with PlayStation Plus members have an option of a 7 day free trail, I took the opportunity.


What is PlayStation Now?

PlayStation Now is a streaming service that gives users the ability to play titles from PSone and PlayStation 3. If you have a strong internet connection you will be able to stream straight from the net without worrying about to download the game which is a great way to save hard drive space. The selection is decent for now and that is okay because they added some great fan favorites in different genres.


Sounds Great, What’s the Catch?

It will kill your wallet when you think about it as well as being a contradiction. At first I was under the assumption that I had a choice either to just rent games individually for a certain amount of time or just get a subscription to play whenever I choose. In the Sony store they even advertise, “All you can play.” But after I signed up for the free trial, that’s when the truth came to light with not all the games had access to the subscription. So why would I sign up for a subscription to only get half the access to the content? PlayStation Now advertises Freedom to Choose for those interested, but that’s a lie. Outside of the subscription list you lose that freedom to choose. So either you play $19.99 a month or $44.99 for 3 months, while on top for some the $50 a year you pay for PlayStation Plus. Let’s just add in those few that have subscriptions on certain online games, let’s use DCUO. So after certain calculations for a 3 month package for both PS Now and DCUO, with added year sub for PlayStation Plus, you are looking at a charge of over three hundred dollars a year. F**k That!


What about the Individual Rentals?

Here is where I am in-between feelings for this because some of the rentals aren’t that bad for what you might need to do. Some of the fighting games; let’s say King of Fighters ’94 have a reasonable $8.99 price tag for 90 days of play. That is a decent length to do what you need to do in a fighting game if you play it religiously, but most of us have that “abandonment” feeling if that game just disappears. Paying another 90 days just made that particular fighting game more expensive then the PS3 digital price. Another example is Kayne and Lynch which has a starting rental price of $1.99 for four hours. The price goes up for each day ending with a 90 day rental for $9.99. You can get this game used for $4.99 to keep! There are some games that start at $6.99 for seven days ending with a $22.99 90 day rental. I still go back to just buying the game to keep for that price.

You can’t be reasonable Kuma?

Okay I will play devil’s advocate here to be fair for those that do not have access to buying classic systems this would be a great service for you to have. If you can’t be bothered about the pricing system and the fact that you will not have access to all the subscription has to offer than by all means go for it. If you are having an event and need a particular game to stream for that moment this would be amazing. However I rather go out there either to your favorite gaming store or hit the web and pick up those consoles to play those same games anytime you want. You would have a real PlayStation Now experience…right now!

Quoted from Seph_Dean:
What really got me curious, and most people sort of don’t understand, is what internet provider they are using with limited data plans there going through to use the streaming service. So not only they are spending a lot of money through Sony subscription fees but also the internet provider fees as well. You’re better off just renting disc games like Gamefly and just manually uninstall/install game data from your harddrive as a cheaper alternative.


The Verdict!

For me this is a pass because I have my library available and those games are already on my PS3 to play. It is a money eating service and this shows me things are getting too greedy in the gaming industry. Sony you had a great thing with the PlayStation store on the PS3 and you trying to push the PlayStation Now does not seem pleasing at least to me. Many of us gamers pump in enough of our money within game transactions, subscriptions to certain titles, subscriptions to side services, music service and of course PlayStation Plus. In the end it is your choice, but I can’t help but feel like there is a slap in the face moment as I see the service. Excuse me as I say this, but it feels like a D*ck move on us gamers. I say import the PlayStation Store from the PlayStation 3 so we can enjoy the games we already purchased and get rid of this PlayStation Now business.


All right gaming community I want to hear your thoughts on the service. Are you a Member? How do you feel about it? Opinions are welcomed, but try not to get salty when someone hits you with logic. Stay frosty gamers!

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