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Pax East Reveal Warframe: Tombs of the Sentient

Wow, Warframe has stepped up its game since its launch on the PC and as my friend stated they are using all that money we shell into it for the right reasons. Check out this video showing off the new movements you will be able to do and a new enemy faction to deal with.


Details revealed at TennoLive included the unveiling of Parkour 2.0, a new enemy faction, a new Dragon-themed Warframe, new Melee Weapons, and a New Prime Warframe. With the new Parkour system coming, Warframes will have new ways to navigate both new and familiar tricky areas with swag moves. There will be a trio of new weapons to wield while doing so, including the Community Concept weapon, the Mios, the Puncture Glaive and the Dark Dakra, in honor of the two year-anniversary of Warframe.


Introducing a little bit of mythical mystery; a new dragon-themed Warframe, Chroma, was introduced to the thundering approval of fans both live in the audience and watching at home on Twitch. Additionally, Volt was revealed as the latest Warframe to soon receive the gilded Prime treatment. Players will also be treated to a new enemy faction named the Sentients as well as a new PvP-focused capture-the-flag mode, ‘Capture the Cephalon’ and a new Sanctuary area.


This is going to be amazing and be sure to tune into the bi-weekly Warframe Devstreams to keep in the know of future updates. I also heard from the grape vine (BlazedManiac) that your PC Warframe will be able to be transferred to the PlayStation 4 console. Keep in mind this is still a rumor, but if that does happen I will be very happy. In that I hope you enjoyed this preview. Stay frosty gamers!

The next regularly scheduled Devstream airs on at 2:00 p.m. EDT, March 20th 2015.


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