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One of the most anticipated games to look for in 2015

All righty, it’s 2015 and it’s a new dawn of age for us gamers! A good majority of people has received next-gen consoles and new gaming PC’s over the Xmas holidays getting prepped for some new games for 2015! And here I’m going to give out some Anticipated Games I can’t wait to have my hands on for 2015!

First up, we have BloodBorne. I’m sort of a big fan of dark RPG games, especially dark, violent RPG game that sets in a Bloody Neo-Gothic Victorian setting (believe me it looks very Bloody). Going around battling hordes of demonic beings with medieval fantasy weapons, yeah count me in!



Next we have Nintendo’s open world version of Legend of Zelda game. I know there hasn’t been much detail about the game since Nintendo showed us a tech demo of it back from E3 last year. But it would be wise for Nintendo to have it ready at least by the holiday season to keep up the hype for business.
And the way things are looking for this game, I can’t wait to go around an open world environment as Link, doing whatever I want.




Next on my list is Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Now we know technically it’s already been release for the PSP awhile back, but it was only release for Japan only. And there where imports where mods released English packs to translate, but it was still a hassle for us Westerners to play it. But now we can officially play it on the big screen, full English, and everything. And if you think you rather play it on handheld, well you can always use Remote Play on your handheld so its win/win scenario. Oh and I forgot to mentioned that Type-0 uses the same battle system as FF7 Crisis Core , which is a damn good game, so I’ll definitely be picking this bad boy up!




Next on the list is a game that’s been in development since 2006 and been waiting forever to come out from hiding. And we just might get this year. And that would be Final Fantasy XV (or Versus if you want to go with the original title). Originally it was being developed for the PS3, but cause of Square Enix rather spending more time on handheld and mobile games, it got held off and quietly swept away. But now that we have Next-Gen consoles and everybody got tired of Lightning taking the Final Fantasy spot (and believe me, I am sick and tired of her already). Now we can start of the FF series with a new character and series. And from all the videos we’ve seen from E3 2014 and PlayStation conference, it’s more gorgeous than it ever was. And the battle system looks like an extension to the FF7 Crisis Core system, which by the way is very good! Good enough to know that if you go pre-order and buy Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, you’ll acquire a demo of the game. In which of course I already pre-ordered day one, (laughs).




And finally we have Tom Clancy’s “The Division.” Now I usually enjoy playing some Splinter Cell and some Ghost Recon action, and I love the high tech weaponry you get to play around with. And now we get to play around with that tech in a devastated open world (or technically city) with fellow online users for survival!



Now I do have acouple more games I would like to add on the list, but it’s not quite been confirmed to be released 2015, for example Kingdom Hearts III, so this will have to do for now. So viewers comment and let us know what games you are anticipating for 2015.

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