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No Evil can Bring Down Their Love: Sailor Moon Crystal ep 10 Review

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There will be always something or someone that will try to come between you and the person you love. That is in many forms and in many stories, but evil will never prevail if your love to true. This is one of those sad flashback episodes that give you a deeper understand on what went on with the Moon and Earth kingdoms, as well why the action of reincarnation. Please grab some tissues to wipe the tears for this review.


I honestly do not care how many people have judged me through the years about watching what was deemed as a “Girlie Show”. Sailor Moon Crystal has one deep dark story that just makes you go, “Daaaaaaaaamn, that is f**ked up!” I mean you deal with an evil so strong that it manipulates an entire planet except for Endymion who had Princess Serenity by his side to black out of the evil whispers. In the end this guy sacrificed his self to save her life, but only for her to end her own life so she can be with him in the afterlife. Luckily her mom had enough power to send start the whole world over, which erased the history and caused reincarnation ability. This is the transition of a damsel in distress dropping the distress title and becoming a savior to her prince. Endymion is in trouble and it is now up to the Sailor Scouts to come to the rescue and also he has the Crystal energy within in him now. I mean you still have to stay focus here because love is not the only reason that they are on this mission. The fate of the world and restoring their kingdom is a must.


Here we are finally the soldiers of Queen Beryl discover the truth of their true memories as warriors under the leadership of Prince Endymion. The problem with this amazing discovery is the fact that it feels rushed and that is bad because the climatic reveal should have been a mind blown situation. I know that sometimes anime stretches the story too far with a lot of filler, but why not find a middle ground to make it all fit well. This is not for veterans of the series like me, but keep in mind this is more for the new watchers that deserve a great compelling story. I just don’t want to to go too fast for them in only ten episode, but that’s just me.


This Queen Beryl is one evil tyrant, but it seems they took away certain love interest that I remember from the past. Apparently now the sailor scouts had relationships with Endymion knights, but from what I remember there were a lot of same sex partners. I know many fans will question the change because even I went, “huh?”


Sailor Moon Crystal episode 10 was a strong episode that had some interesting action, but even though it felt rushed. The message was strong and the love was powerful. I see the evolution of Usagi into the trust leader that she is meant to be and as long as Queen Beryl has her Endymion in her clutches. Usagi/Princess Serenity will grow even stronger as the days go by. This episode gets 3.5 out of 5, but the pacing is the only reason that my score is in the average area. There is a great story to be told, but I want them to have the right pace for it and I know this is the age for abridged version to stories. However, it should not be that fast paced. I hope you enjoyed this review and please check back to see what happens in the next episode of Sailor Moon Crystal.


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