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Mutant Football League Thoughts, Anticipations and Wants

Welcome everyone to throwback Thursday where today we are going down memory lane a bit and then punting right into the new Mutant Football League game from Digital Dreams Entertainment. When the kickstarter was first announced that my favorite bloody mutated sport was making a comeback I was very giggity with excitement and anticipation. I am more of those video game sports players that need something extra to keep my interest because we all know that video games are meant for the fantasy. If I wanted to play some real sports I just go outside, but being mutant and having the ability to mame, destroy and rip apart your opponent on the playing field tug on my heart strings. In that lets get started.


Mutant League Football first debut in 1993 on the Sega Genesis by Electronic Arts and it blew my mind being a mixture of real football plays and mutant game-play was very unique for its time. There were adaptations later one with Mutant Hockey League and Baseball too. It was a great romp of violent chaos that some of us really enjoyed. I would have to say that the commentary from the coaches was hilarious and the animations even though limited were quite enjoyable.

Lets move forward to the animated series in which I thought that Mutant League was going in a right direction. The story revolved around Bones Justice and his team the Monsters who were in a battle to be the best team in the Mutant League Circuit. The cartoon went beyond just Football, but actually showing off moto-cross, basketball, hockey, baseball and many other other sports with brutality. Now I was hoping for a game based on the cartoon series with all the colorful characters and crazy antics, but the graphics were just not ready at the time.


It is now 20 years later and we have concrete footage of the latest game that features new monsters and amazing modes. Mutant Football League will feature two ways of winning the game by either just scoring or eliminating the other team players. I love the idea of arcade style football, but players can be killed which brings a whole new form of strategy to survive. However check out the first look of the game right here if you have not already.

This game looks amazing and I can wait until next year, I rather them take as much time as possible to bring us a good product. However I do have a bit of a wishlist. Digital Dreams Entertainment if you are listening or reading, please as my first request put me into the game…thats right I would be a great addition to the Mutant League Franchise. Just look at this picture done by KimCheeX.


Just think about it for a moment. The other things I would hope would happen are a supernatural dlc pack or cartoon pack where you can give us fans the opportunity to play with some movie monsters or the cast of the cartoon. It would be cool to see Razor Kid, Bones Justice and anyone from the monsters or Slay City Slayers. It is not a big wishful request, but as a fan I would appreciate these add-ons, but for now I am just going to wait for more information and a final product.


Stay tuned for more information as it develops. Stay frosty Mutants!

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