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Monster Hunters Assemble at Nintendo World

Yesterday on May 2nd was the biggest geek day ever with Age of Ultron out, Free comic Book Day and of course a huge Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate event at Nintendo world. Nintendo has been throwing these events for hunters for a while now and this is my first time fully immersing myself with my fellow hunters. I am here to share some stories and some pictures with you and hopefully you will join in the future hunts to come.



It was a packed house as usual, but there was a bit of confusion on how they were setting up the groups in which we signed some cards telling them our names, rank and weapon of choice. I was under the assumption they we were being paired in a gathering group to do hunts in time trials. Even my fellow hunters were a bit confused by the end game since we got into an event of “Oh Brother” where we face off against two Congalala’s to farm for Palico Mario Brothers gear. We ended up dominating the event in six minutes, but to be fair we had to Glaive paralysis users on the team and one gunner with some hell fire ammo. Oh and of course Andrew the second Glaive user was a G ranked hunter, so that says a lot.


I swear we were Monster Hunter Super Sentai Rangers with the diverse game systems lol

In the end one of the Nintendo representatives clarified that we were there to help one another out with certain events and to help level up. Now ever since I obtain a 2Ds last year, I have not failed to have an experience interacting with new gamers, especially with the street pass feature. This device truly brings gamers together and the added bonus of Nintendo World bringing us together is a damn good product. Nintendo has been doing it right for years and I have to give them their kudos for bringing us all together. So after that nice bit of knowledge we pressed on to do other missions where the G Ranked Andrew kindly asked if we were farming for particular things or needed help ranking. That’s real honor right there among us gamers, because on the second floor was the higher G Rank battles, but he stayed to help us out for a little bit longer.


It was cool that even the Nintendo World employees joined us in battles just in case we were missing someone on our squad and that is good customer service. However we were just killing time until the raffles commenced and that was the highlight of the day. Nothing like a bunch of gamers with tickets waiting for their special number to be called to win some decent prizes and hell there was even a quiz which I thought could have been a bit more challenging or should’ve been random. I mean everyone should have gotten a 100% on that quiz since everyone asked each other for the answers, but still all in good fun.


The next event will be on May 15th from 4pm till 7pm eastern time. So if you are in the neighborhood and have your hunting gear ready, then just stop right in. I am sure you will find new comrades to hunt with and even learn about new ways to defeat monsters. Also be sure to download the new dlc that came out on May 1st that features the new Samus Armor set quest, Mega man and Street fighter set for your palicos as well as many more events for that bonus replay value.



Okay friends Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is available now with a lot of free dlc for you to enjoy, so please hit up the eShop or your local game store to purchase your copy and maybe we can get some matches together. I hope you had a great weekend. Stay frosty gamers!


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