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Marvel’s Agents of Shield: the war Begins Review

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Agents of Shield is moving closer and closer towards the war and the Infinity Gauntlet to which it needs to slow down a bit. We begin with Lady Sif coming out of the water not knowing who or what she is but all she knows she must get to Chava. Our team is still licking their wounds from Puerto Rico and Skye is still afraid of her new powers. But they must come together to help Lady sif.


Through an internet feed they see that Lady Sif fought a Kree Vintak and with his mini hammer weapon he can steal people memories. Once Team Culson captures him he tells us this elaborate story about there are more Terogon crystal (Oblisk) and the Devinors may have them.His task is to stop whoever has them and the creatures that they change them into. With all this info we need to run back to our comics because this is the beginnings of the Kree-Skrull war. Vintak helps Lady Sif get her memory back, and they realize they are on the same mission. Then Skye begins to “Quake”! So now it’s Team Culson against Sif and Kree to protect Skye.


After the battle royal and things calm with the new secret weapon The Isis, Coulson convinces Lady Sif that it is best to keep Skye on earth so they can get control of her new found powers, and take Vintak off of this earth with you!!


In the epilogue Hunter confronts Mac on the big plan that he and Bobbi got going. Mac sees it as a threat and Kills Hunter. I believe the big plan is the “Key” that Nick Fury gave Coulson to restart Shield, but who or what is “The Backup” and what does he want with it? It seems the Shield is plowing full speed ahead and not worry about losing people along the way. Which is good, take chances and lead me to the next movie. Make Mine Marvel, I love comics!


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