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Let’s Talk Tech: K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard Review

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Greetings all my tech enthusiast and welcome to another tech review. January 9th was a day of worth for me and I decided to spoil myself with some new tech, but not just any tech. I was thinking about money saver devices that can help me eliminate battery usage, but being comfortable for my video editing and gaming needs. Now I was willing to go full gaming everything for my PC, but the pricing was not feasible. So I walked over to the keyboards browsing and one caught my eye, because of the solar powered feature on the box I was curious. The best part was the pricing for $49.99. SOLD!


Out of the box I was slightly confused, but as I recall a lot of tech now comes with build in installs, which means plug and forget style. The best part is that you can charge this bad boy with either electronic light or natural light and it features a solar indicator when you press the light indicator to show you how much power is going into the keyboard. If it is not getting enough light it will stay in the red, but you get the idea if it is getting enough light. Now as a fool I lifted the keyboard over my head for a few minutes just in case it didn’t have a full charge yet, however I noticed that the energy indicator was already at 100% out of the box…that through me off.


It is very comfortable actually and I say this because I am a beast-man with huge paws, so its tiny stature was a bit off. It is also 1/3 inch thick which gives it a hybrid use for both desktop and laptop as a quick pick up keyboard. As a tiny wireless keyboard I am impressed that I am having flawless connectivity and by that I mean no delays or lag at all. It definitely feels as if it is a corded keyboard, but that 2.4 GHz connection is quite functional. This is all possible to the Unifying receiver which is small and I mean time size small, but that is convenient for laptop users that do not have to worry about something sticking out to far or getting broken easily by outside mistakes. There is nothing scarier than hearing your USB drive or adapter snap because someone bumped into it!


“What about in the dark Kuma?” Is what I have been asked recently and that is a good question, but my mind went to the gutter a bit…Anyway! The K750 will last up to 3 months in the dark with its reserved power, so if you are trapped in a cave in with your laptop and still manage to have WiFi, I would utilize that option. Oh and this Micro Fiber Cleaning cloth is on point to keep those solar panels clean, there is an inside joke about that I will tell you later.


But Kuma is there anything you find wrong with the keyboard? I can’t really think of anything honestly, I mean it is a simple keyboard and does what it needs to do. Compared to my last keyboard that was fully loaded with full entertainment functions, I find the simplicity enjoyable. You can’t beat that price, but that is a personal preference that you will have to battle. In the end I am satisfied with my choice and I shall give the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard a 4.5 out of a 5. I hope you enjoyed this tech review and please keep yourself updated by subscribing to our lovely website. We shall return with our review of the Razer Naga gaming mouse. Stay frosty!


Sidenote: Checked on the Logitech website and it is at $59.99, but best buy has it on sale for $49.99

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