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Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie Review

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I was always told if you are going to kick someone’s butt, you should at least do it with class. Also wearing a nice tailored suit that is bullet proof gives you an advantage. The Kingsman are the world’s leading protection agency gathered by the finest of gentlemen and ladies to take down the world’s deadliest of adversaries. Your majesties secret service you will have been a long generation of aristocrats that decided to use their riches for something good. Just because you were born with a silver spoon up your a** does not mean you can’t be a decent person. It takes more than high class to have the stomach to be a Kingsmen and right now there is a new generation of villain that needs a new generation of knights.


Kingsman: The Secret Service took me by surprise from the start because you would expect after seeing so many trailers of the movie that they already showed you all the good parts, but I was wrong. There was a lot of surprise with a decent amount of action, comedy and sentiment all rolled into one film that should have been a summer blockbuster. Now the movie starts off with your typical cliché of a young man down on his luck given a chance to be something more. In that he is granted the opportunity of a lifetime to do what others only could imagine, but there will be some opposition to pass that test to be a gentlemen knight. Now the cliché takes a great turn into a surprise by introducing Valentine played by Samuel L. Jackson who was a hilarious super villain with a lisp. It gets better being a villain that can’t kill or stomach violence, I mean he throws up in the sight of blood or feels bad when someone is killed by his hand. That took me back quite a bit and I began to focus more on the plot vs. the action.

What is the Plot? ::SPOILER ALERT::

Valentine is one of the richest genius businessmen with a goal to save the world and that my friends bring us to the question, “Why is he a villain?” Well the fact is that he may have good intentions, but his methods are wrong. He has a plan of controlled genocide to help the earth heal itself, because with less people we might have a chance of changing things around. Now the kicker is in the free unlimited cell phone service that he offers the world that has a program that turns on your primal aggressive urges that will force you to hurt anyone near you cause a self-humanity destruct sequence. The kicker is that with this program grants everyone the ability to know martial arts and what seems to be super strength. They go buck wild and become vicious with brutal killing as the end result. Honestly the theory is sound, but they are forgetting the factor of who will help rebuild afterwards if you got a bunch of celebrities and politicians safe.


The Recruits

Now as in any organization if one shall fall one will be replaced with an eligible candidate. I thought it was going to be an all-boys club, but they had two female recruits taking the test and I was pleased with that. Each recruit is given a task and must complete each task using all of their skills. Our hero Eggsy actually is well versed in many skills, but the key factor that will get him through any of these trials is his street smarts and honor. The trials were more of a test of your valor where betrayal is a big factor in any squad, because how can you trust someone that might drop information on you to save their own life? Eggsy was a bigger surprise because he didn’t whine or cry about the training, he understood and went with it.

Action is on point

When you want action in a movie you will get action in this movie. The kicker was that the film status went from third person to first person views which made me believe that the director wanted a gamer feel to it. I definitely felt as if I was playing some high speed fps shooter with a mirrors edge style. Since the studio associated is MARV who did the Kick-ass movies, I was not surprised by the cinematic style of the scenes. It was brutal, bloody, nicely choreographed and nothing was weak. The only thing that could of made it better was an appearance by hit-girl just making a cameo during the chaos *Laughs*. Sophia Boutella’s performance as Gazelle who was the right hand to Valentine made a great villain that you were rooting for. That was a unique villain if I ever saw one in the spy movie world. Her Blade prosthetic legs were amazing and she was sexy as hell too.


So who was your favorite?

If I had to choose a favorite in the movie it would have to be Mark Strong who played Merlin. Merlin is a super version of Q by not supplying the Kingsmen with the latest gear; he also trains them into being better suited for their role. Colin Forth as Galahad puts a nice spark into being a mentor to Eggsy and definitely sold the mentor roll, but I felt his character building would have been better. Sam Jackson as Valentine was a delight and this man shows his talent by playing this eccentric role very well. He is now my favorite villain and I am not sure how anyone could top that.

Final Result

I was not expecting too much of the movie, but ended up more satisfied. This movie will go down the line of great spy movies with a comedic tone like “If Looks Could Kill” or “Get Smart”. The minimum cliches of monologues and the hero escaping after getting caught went out the window of a traditional spy movie. Some are already saying that a sequel is not needed, but I say differently it makes for a good date movie or just one for your inner spy enthusiast, but in the end it was a great time to be had. Kingsman: The Secret Service gets 4.5 out 5. Please go check out Kingsman: The Secret Service which is out now in Theaters and please leave a comment below letting us know what was your favorite part or who was your favorite character in the movie. How did you feel about the movie and do you feel a sequel is necessary? Stay frosty!


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