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KimCheeX’s First Impression of Kill La Kill

Kill la Kill

This is the ever wonderful KimChee X in the New Year I will bring you weekly reviews on Anime and Mangas/Manwhas that I feel deserve your attention. And with that said welcome to my review of Kill la Kill.


Let me tell you my first impression were that this was an old anime, maybe during the time of Ronin Warriors days. The look of Kill la Kill had that same style of drawing as in Ronin Warriors. To my surprise it is a recent anime, the more I got into Kill la Kill it sparked another similarity which was FLCL (Fooly Cooly). The slap stick, quirky, over top action sequences and comedic anecdotes was very refreshing. It has been a while seeing something like this, very familiar but also new.

The story so far was intriguing; everyone loves a good revenge plot which feels like it will get lost throughout the season. What I can lose it the skimpy outfit for the heroine, it is just needless and probably added for the guys and added comedy but does not need to be there. I am a guy and when I saw that I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t something cool.

Overall the series seems promising and seems to only have 12 episodes so it should be quick to catch up and see how they will take it.

Hope you enjoy this series I know I will if it anyway as entertaining as FLCL.

KimChee X over and out.


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