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Kiefer Sutherland, Hideo Kojima and Tom Dekinai Metal Gear Solid V Online Reveal

Thanks to my good Friend Meghann Gear Solid for keeping my interest up for to the Metal Gear Solid series and of course knowing that Kiefer Sutherland taking over the voice acting of Snake was a big plus. Last night took it to a whole new level as we got a fine look at the new Metal Gear Solid V Online mode that features some badass tactics and of course humorous scenarios to take down your opponents, but see for youself in this full video of the Kiefer, Hideo and Tom share their thoughts of the industry and the future of the MGS series.


I love the humor in the MGS series where they have a serious tone mixed in with crazy situations through out each title and this one pulls no punches. I mean come on, you actually get stopped by a cute plush dog in the middle of combat? The weather balloon trap I definitely liked, but should be a bomb attached to it after it lifts them higher. Either way it was a fun portion of the evening and I hope you enjoyed the video. Be sure to pre-order your copy today.


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