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Justice League Throne of Atlantis Review

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Most of us spend our lives trying to figure out our place in the world, especially some of us that can do miraculous things. In that your gifts can become a burden when you are not sure what to do with them or where they came from. For Arthur Curry, his whole world on the surface is going to get a bit damp and for good reason. A new hero is on the scene, but is he ready to bridge both worlds?

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Ever since the New 52 series kicked off, the new look at certain  famed DC characters, heroes and villains alike, could not be seen the same way again. Take the joke of the DC universe Aquaman who has gone through a change for the better by showing us his true inner hero. I mean the biggest joke was that he could talk to fish and can’t really do much else outside of the ocean. And “Oh!” were we all wrong about this character. In our defense it was the writers that were not doing this Atlantean justice. Sadly, there are two different story arcs in the New 52 comics and they decided to choose the character that was semi-badass versus the one that would continuously bash all the jokes entirely.

For those that do not know Arthur Curry a.k.a Aquaman is a half-breed born for both worlds. His father fell in love with an Atlantean Queen who left Arthur in his care, but once he grew to be a man he still was left with confusion on why he is always called to the sea. However on one fateful day he was attacked by trenchers only to be saved by an Allie. At that point he knew there was something bigger in his future.

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All right, so in almost every kingdom there will be a few people that will disagree on how things are run and in that we have our look at villains in the form of Black Manta and Prince Orn/Ocean Master. After the events of Darkseid attacking earth. Causing  collateral damage to their sea domain, Ocean Master decided to blame the surface dwellers and start a war against them. Now here lays the problem. With the Justice League being scattered and not really establishing their team left only Cyborg, The Flash and Shazaam to do the task until things get real, but that’s not my problem with this movie.

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Heroes need love too…I guess

I kid you not, I thought I was watching a Dawson’s creek version of the Justice League because all the romantic tension that was happening and it felt too quick for some of the characters. It starts with Cyborg still adjusting to being more machine than man and having his Doctor fall in love with him, but he is not seeing it right away. Then we move on to Superman and Wonder Woman who have sparked a relationship since they share the connection of feeling alienated in a world full of normal humans.

Hey, Clark/Superman was thinking in the right way to get some of that Amazon love, but when they are out on a date Clark gets nervous around Lois Lane. In my honest opinion you have Diana Prince a.k.a Wonder Woman who is voiced by Rosario Dawson…that is a complete win my friend and yet you are shy letting Lois know you are now dating someone else? As far as I’m concerned, you need to get your Kryptonian priorities straight. Let’s also note that it would be too soon to catch feelings like that for Lois when you are still (kind of) a new reporter for the Daily Planet, sir. On that you got Wonder Woman. Sorry Lois was playing games…move on! Not mention, there is Arthur and Mera which felt like way to fast to catch feelings. You start off being annoyed with the guy and then he does one brave act and you giving him booty already?! Girl, please.

Rushing to the point.

Again, we are facing a problem with pacing in these movies. As I am watching it, I felt like only 30 minutes had passed. I understand you are trying to get everyone has much screen time as possible, but in reality it is all about Aquaman ascending as King. Now I don’t like complaining about something without having a solution and, frankly speaking, there was not much background story for him in the comic books because he was already King helping the League fight Darkseid… But he never showed up in JL: War movie!

If I were to rewrite it, I would of kept him grieving over his Father dying, but the Trenchers sent by his Brother probably would of attacked 30 minutes after he had found out what his mother was planning. Throw in Mera to the rescue and she drags his confused butt in the water to see his birth right. Personally, I would have him meet his mother and brother who fuel his jealousy more as she announces him as the true king and successor to the throne. This would force Prince Orn’s hand in moving up the time table and then we go through the plot with the Justice League. This originally was an hour and twelve minute movie…put in some work for a two hour film dammit! It would have still been interesting and leaves some of us less confused, but that’s how it goes.


Oh there is some good.

I did not completely dislike the movie; there were some great points especially my favorite scene in the fish restaurant which I will show you in a clip. I enjoyed seeing the struggles of Cyborg voiced by Shemar Moore adjusting to his role, but that only fueled my desire for a standalone Cyborg movie.

The Flash (Christopher Gorham and Shazaam (Sean Aston) stole the show and of course Green Lantern voiced by Nathan Fillion is always classic. Batman, voiced by Jason O’Mara, proving how stupid his league members are at times is always great material. I have to agree with my mentor J. Marcus in his avoidance of this new Superman who is voiced by Jerry O’ Connell in the film. He is a bit too brash and kind of a hot head, which I understand they wanted a tougher more intimidating personality for the modern time. Because of that they had made Superman more of a badass, but eneded up feminizing Wonder Woman a bit too much. Instead of a strict no non-sense warrior woman, she seems a bit tamed, but maybe this is building up to her being more dominate. I am still attached to the Wonder Woman of the past who would be a Warrior first and a girlfriend second, which leads her to learn about the culture and calm down a bit, but not enough to be that approachable.


Final wave!

In the end Justice League Throne of Atlantis is not that bad, but as you can read I had my concerns. The plot was way too rushed and not enough building around Aquaman who is supposed to be the main point of the movie. The action and brutal combat was on point I will not deny that, but I felt they had room for story building. The latest DC animated movie gets 3.5 out of 5, but please feel free to comment on how you feel below. I welcome your opinion as long as it is constructive. I also welcome you into subscribing to our page by adding your e-mail address in the area to your right. Stay frosty!


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