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iZombie Review and Comic Book Comparison

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Zombies again? You bet, but this show and comic book gives us a fresh new perspective on zombies. So put on your zombie-proof helmets ’cause we’re about to dive head deep into this brain eating review.

So right off the bat, we see how Liv Moore turns into a zombie by way of getting scratched by a zombie. No, not bitten, scratched. Apparently the zombie virus was accidentally created as a drug that some people at a party ingested. The party was on a boat and the only people who survived were Liv and the guy who scratched her. Now for the rest of her life, she’s a zombie, and she must eat brains every now and then or else she’ll lose the rest of her humanity. But there’s an added bonus to her brain diet! Whenever she eats a brain, she acquires traits and visions of the person she ate the brain of. For example, in one episode, she ate the brain of a sexually driven artist and sure enough, she had the passion to draw like a professional. How does she get the brains without anyone noticing that she’s a zombie you ask? Well, it’s by getting a job that works directly with dead people: the morgue. But wait, there’s more! She uses this zombie power to help solve murder victim cases by posing as a psychic. If that doesn’t interest your fancy, then you’re missing one great zombie story.


I won’t beat around the bush, this show is great! The acting is great especially with Rose Mclver playing a slightly different role every episode, the story is very interesting, and the jokes are pretty good, since I myself like sarcasm as much as the next guy. Also, the illustrations in the opening sequence are done by none other than the artist of the comic book that the show is based on, Michael Allred.

Speaking of the comic book, that’s awesome as well! There are some clear differences between the show and the books. For example the name of the main character in the books is Gwen Dylan, she works as a gravedigger instead of at the morgue, and she has supernatural friends. There is a ghost from the 1960s and a were-dog. Despite the books and the show being different, they are both very good. The art work in the books is especially great. You can tell the creators sketched and inked the books by hand and did the rest digitally.


Both the show and the books are very interesting, I highly recommend both of them. iZombie has new episodes every Tuesdays at nine on the CW and you can check out the books online; I recommend comixology.com. This has been Trickster giving you an insight on iZombie, I’ll see you all next time and don’t forget to Make Magic!

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