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Is PandaHall Legit?

is PandaHall Legit

Is PandaHall Legit?

PandaHall, a jewelry website is a jewelry website that accepts Visa, MasterCard and PayPal online purchases. Customers can also pay using PayPal, Check or Wire Transfer or Western Union. However, PandaHall recommends that their customers use PayPal since it has a Buyer Protection Program to protect their money. They also offer a discount for jewelry designers and bulk orders, up to $50,000. Finally, they offer 5% off purchases with a single payment and there’s an obvious incentive to shop on this website.


If you are looking for crafts supplies at a lower cost, you will want to check out PandaHall’s selection of items. PandaHall offers wholesale prices on a variety of craft supplies. They take pride in offering high quality items at an affordable cost. They don’t just offer many options and offer a wide range of products, but they also engage regularly with their customers. Their presence on different social media sites has generated a substantial following and they also have catalogs that are not web-based. In addition to their extensive online catalog, the company has a huge following and excellent ratings.

PandaHall provides free samples and products in addition to crafting equipment. You can request two cards to test their products. You can also design your own products or get them created by their team in their printing shop. If you don’t have a concept yet, you can always submit your design ideas to the PandaHall team will develop a design for you. PandaHall has an item that can meet your requirements regardless of whether you’re seeking a gift for someone else or a project to craft.

If you’re a jeweler, you’ll want to look at PandaHall’s collection of beads. They test all of their items to ensure they’re free of lead. PandaHall has a large selection of jewelry that includes costume jewelry as well as genuine gemstones. Accessories and watches are offered at PandaHall, such as ring watches and wristwatches as well as nail art stickers and rock climbing carabiners.

Customer service

PandaHall customer support is available by filling out a contact form, or calling the number. PandaHall has factories and offices in China and the UK. Customers can also enjoy a hassle-free ordering experience with PandaHall’s business-friendly policies. It is popular for its wholesale and retail price. The company is available to all inquiries and provides a wide range of products and services.

Return policy

PandaHall offers low prices, but also has sale prices on clearance items. Customers also get special offers from PandaHall. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can easily return it. PandaHall includes return shipping and taxes, and you may also be able to receive coupons for ongoing promos. The return policy of PandaHall is straightforward: customers can return their purchase within seven days, and PandaHall will even cover the cost of return shipping. Customers can also earn points by placing orders and writing reviews. The points can be redeemed to purchase coupons, or for other incentives.

PandaHall offers thousands of jewelry styles that are available wholesale. You’ll find a large selection of high-quality beads as well as low-cost jewelry findings. Delivery costs will vary depending on the country you live in as well as the size and weighty your order is. There are many options for payment, such as PayPal and Credit Card via GlobalCollect. Bank Transfer, Western Union, Western Union and Check. There is also a Buyer Protection Program and a slight discount for professional jewelers.

Customer reviews

PandaHall offers a wide assortment of craft supplies and crafts at amazing prices. PandaHall takes pride in the quality of its products and in its interactions with its customers. They have an active presence across many social media sites and have a range of different catalogs. Their website and catalogs meet those needs of the crafting community and have earned high customer satisfaction ratings. Customers also recommend PandaHall extremely. Here are a few PandaHall customers’ reviews.

This online store has many different products from watches to beads, to stringing materials. You will find everything you require to create unique jewelry with the right beads as well as the proper threading materials. PandaHall provides free shipping on all purchases over $50, as well in a Buyer Protection Program. Payment options include PayPal or credit card checks, or bank transfers. The company also offers various delivery options from their China warehouse.

The website provides free samples. Two cards with samples are available. You can also place an order for personalized products through their online print shop. You can also send your ideas for design to PandaHall and have your items created by the PandaHall team. There are plenty of possibilities. If you’re looking for something that’s different than other gifts, you’ll surely discover the perfect present at PandaHall. PandaHall has the perfect gift for you if searching for something to gift a friend or family member.

Alexa ranking

PandaHall offers everything, whether you’re a jewelry collector or simply looking to save money on your purchase. This online craft store features an array of goods that are available at wholesale costs. The products are highly reviewed by customerswho say the quality of their products and reasonable priced. Their impressive Alexa rank reflects their popularity, as they consistently rank among the top 2 Bead sites in Here is a link to their site and Alexa ranking.

AlexaRank is one of the most widely used tracker for websites, and it ranks your site by traffic. It compares your website to any other website, which can be inaccurate at times. Website Speed is an additional method to assess the speed of your website. It does not include the time it takes to load images, stylesheets , or DOM. This is why it’s useful to think about when determining the speed of your site.

Sections Discounted

If you want to save money while shopping online, you should check out the discount sections at PandaHall. These discount sections provide numerous products available with discounted prices. If you’re uncertain about the validity of these sections then you are able to reach customer service. PandaHall offers a contact page that lets you ask whether the discount is available. So, you’ll be able to get prompt assistance.

PandaHall provides three main categories including new arrivals, top sellers, and $5 sales. They also allow customers to see the jewelry they sell in specific exhibit rooms. If you are looking to purchase some jewellery, make sure you check the sale sections. Certain of them provide free shipping while others require a minimum amount of purchase. These discounts are generally available only when the items are purchased in bulk. For even greater savings make use of your PandaHall discount coupon.

PandaHall is a great source for discount coupons. There are amazing bargains on its massive selection of items. It is also possible to use discount codes to save on your shop. These codes have to be entered on the PandaHall website to avail discounts. The site is also full of coupon codes and discount coupons. If you find an excellent coupon, be sure you use the coupon to save money on the purchase.


When you purchase a purchase on PandaHall You have many choices of shipping. You can pick between express options as well as postal services. You can also choose to ship your item via sea freight, air freight or DHL. If you choose to send your item by yourself, you’ll need to create a forwarding account with DHL and send the complete information to the PandaHall Shipping Department. PandaHall Shipping will deliver your parcel within a couple of days.

PandaHall provides a range of coupons and promo codes to assist customers in saving costs on shipping. The codes can be applied when you checkout to cut down on the cost of shipping. Sign up to the company newsletter to receive news and coupons. After you’ve signed up to their newsletter, you can use their social media pages to be informed about new discounts. You’ll be able to save money even more on shipping when you use PandaHall Coupons.

Apart from the lowest prices, PandaHall also offers direct shipping from the vendor. PandaHall provides free shipping and regular email updates should you require to have your products delivered quickly. The cost of shipping varies based on the weight and location of the items you order. PandaHall Customer Service can provide more information about the cost of shipping. You can also go to the site to learn more. They’ll give you a cost estimate on the cost of shipping once you’ve selected a method for paying.

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