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Hitman: Agent 47 Movie Trailer…Hope This is Better

In 2007 gamers were given a movie based on one of the greatest Hitman in video game history, but it was a total disaster. It had a sense of failure when the actor Timothy Olyphant stated that he had never played the series and still the movie…Wtf is wrong with you. However that is all in the past and we have moved on because there are hardly that many good video game movies in the first place. But since the announcement of a Hitman 2 which seems to be more like a reboot of the series now. I think we might be granted with something good, but check out the preview below.

Zachary Quinto is taking the spotlight as either the protagonist or antagonist of the story. That is the beauty of Agent 47’s status, he is neither good nor bad, it is all about the assignments he is given. In that this summer is looking pretty good for my movie watching needs. If you were capable of getting a video game made into a movie or one that was done bad to redo it, what video game would that be? Please share your thoughts in the comment area below and I hope to see you again. Stay frosty!


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