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High Strangeness Review

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Life is all about changes and when you are about to say goodbye to everyone to start a new something weird happens. There is nothing more frightening then your home being invaded by hooded men or so you think they are men. When things can’t be explained the logical thing to do is rule it out as just a dream. Then you wake up finding things out of place or some strange events like your neighbors talking weird and the color of the world being distorted. What is going on keeps crossing your mind and then the hooded men appear yet again with their intentions targeted at you. It is time to grab your flashlight, some CD’s and your cat to try and get out of this demonic mess.


You are a young man named Boyd ready to leave this town to start a new somewhere else with his annoying cat, but your world takes a different turn as the world goes grey leaving you surrounded by enemies. However behold your cat Abydos is more than just your average cat, but a jerk to boot and apparently is trying to tell you of your new Destiny. Things become stranger as you face off a giant demon monster only to be transported to another world where you meet Jacob who seems to have forced you into all of this. Jacob needs your help and in a desperate way with you being someone special that could save both worlds. Are you up for it?

The Nostalgia

High Strangeness brings a classic video game style with a unique mechanic to alter the games graphics at your free will. The journey from switching through 12 bit to 8 bit was a bit silly to me at first, but once I understood the advantages of being in 8bit; everything became clear. This has a puzzle exploration style like the classic Legend of Zelda games, but switching to the 8bit graphics will unlock certain areas to progress. If there is a boulder blocking your path switching to 8bit might show a clear way through or even expose hidden enemies. Now I know you could be thinking that you might as well stay in 8bit, but no because you will need to switch back to the better graphics to see other hidden spaces.


Simple can be difficult

Most of us in this day and age of gaming are to use to the complex graphics and controls of modern day games. I respect the classics, because in thinking how simple it is you make the most mistakes. High Strangeness is challenging in that factor because you can forget that you have a stamina meter when using any of your abilities. It all comes down to enemy patterns and you will get enough enemies to to learn them quite well. It is the simple box step for most of them before you come into an area. The kicker is that if you want to farm this game will be very generous with that feature as every-time you leave an area enemies will always respawn. So take advantage of that because you will go to crystal stations to level up Boyd’s abilities and weaponry with the skull drops.


The Skull drops are your currency to get through this nightmare planet and hopefully make sense to all this chaos. However so far I have leveled up my damage, because my defense is not that important to me this way round. I rather have that stopping power to take out the enemies and bosses as quickly as possible.


Hand Drawn Appreciation

The cut-scenes were quite interesting even though I am passed the whole reading in an RPG thing. The water colored scenes in between filling up some gaps as you play were enjoyable. You get a sort of respect to the developers of how much care they put into the game and it gave off a dark child like story book feel. If this were to be part of the Grimm tales I can see that happening.



High Strangeness is a top notch exploration RPG that many gamers can appreciate. The games length is just right for any cave crawler and the achievements are pretty easy to obtain for you hunters out there. The whole time I was playing exploring the vast areas, I was really enjoying myself. I still want to beat up that damn cat because he has bad attitude, not my favorite in the game at all. The Bosses have a creep factor of ten, but they could be a bit more difficult. I am currently playing Steam, but H.S is available on the WiiU as well and it goes for $9.99 which is not too bad. In that I give High Strangeness 3.5 out of 5. Check it out right now and share your thoughts on it in the comments box below. Stay frosty gamers!


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