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Gundam Build Fighters Try Review ep. 6: Trust in Your Team

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There is nothing wrong with a good tactic, but sometimes those tactics feel a bit cheap just to win a battle that is supposed to be fun. In this latest episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try, team Try Fighters are in for a big tactical disadvantage from the Science club of Seiren Technical College. It makes you wonder what can really come out on top when it comes to a battle on an even field, but with rumors of the other team always controlling the battles could make one worry a bit.


In this episode we are introduced to some true team work and friendship. Thanks to Fumina being the true leader that she is in making an SD Gundam support class that is keeping the team together. The funny part about this episode is the fact that the Science School team was so prepared with their data and ability to manipulate the playing field, didn’t count on what I call, “The Fumina effect!” Her drive and faith in her team has brought out a new power that the world tournament was not expecting, especially with the help of Sekai and Yuuma. Their conflicts of interest outside of the battles are comedic, but once it is time to fight. They seem to get a long quite well and this new finishing mode from Fumina’s Gundam was amazing.


All right beside the battles being over the top and visuals being amazing. Let’s take a look at the character building from Yuuma’s build rival Minato who is on a mission to convince Yuuma to give up Gunpla battles and get back to Gunpla build competitions. Minato wants to prove to the public that he is the best Gunpla builder out there and Yuuma is his inferior, but I am starting to believe that Minato can’t resist the urge to battle. It was first seen when he took on Sekai showing him that it is important to be one with your Gunpla so you can unlock its true potential. However it shifted gears with him whining about Yuuma no longer going to build competitions because he is trying to keep his promise to Fumina. It is noble, but Minato is not trying to hear that at all and seems to be obsessed with him returning as a builder.


In that there seems to be a lot of stories going on here, but I feel something major is going to happen soon. Maybe we might see a return of an old fighter which in my opinion would be great or will Yuuma get the revenge that he secretly wants. I am fishing, but that’s the kind of vibe I am getting from him and it is not just a promise he is trying to keep in the matter. In the end I have to give Gundam Build Fighters Try episode 6, 5 out of 5. This episode gets a perfect score because of the tactics used and you are really rooting for the underdog in this show. It literally pulled on my heart strings and I am looking forward to the next episode next week. I hope to see you for that review as well and please have a great weekend. Stay frosty!



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