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Gundam Build Fighters try Review ep. 5: Being one With Your Gunpla

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where to get loans quick in usaOne of the things I as taught while training in combat is to know your surroundings and your own limitations. You have to gauge yourself in order to be a better fighter and in the world of Gunpla, it is important to know your Gundam as if it were your own body. In the last episode Sekai learned a valuable lesson in unlocking the true potential of his Gunpla by being synchronized. His new found training to utilize the Jigen Haoh School in all environments to be his Burning Gundam itself. However he will not be the only one to evolve in his skill.


The friendship you have that will bring you to your goals is the strongest bond that anyone could ever have. It is in that trust that you and your team will accomplish anything you all will put your heart into. This is the dream of these Try fighters in order to work with one another despite their difference. They have found a common bond in their Gunpla and their ultimate victories in the world tournament. Each fighter has trained to master their own skill and gunpla with such building mastery, as well as deep training. However, that would drive anyone, especially when you have competitors showing off different abilities and tactics.


I did a video talking about the first episode and the previous season, which pulled on my fan strings. I am a fan of Gundams for many years, but even though I am not as hardcore as most builders out there; I still find it calming like pruning a Bonsai Tree. For years Gundam has grown a huge fan base and Gundam building has turned from just a hobby to an amazing customization art show. It has evolved from just building the same Gundam as on the box to actually reconstructing, painting and combining to build your own. This is why Gundam Build Fighters Try is such an amazing anime because it technically breaks that fourth wall.


We are already up to episode 5 in the series of season 2 and the trio has had many incredible battles with two veteran Gunpla fighters teaching a third to be more than just a pilot, but to actually be one with your Gunpla. The difference Sekai never build his Burning Gundam, but he is starting to appreciate each day as he plays. I honestly still say this is a scary concept to have because Gundam or Gunplay building is an expensive hobby to have and the dedication behind building your model to perfection only to see it get destroyed in battle would make me faint. However I understand the concept of putting your building skills and pilot skills to the test.


In the end Gundam Build Fighters Try episode 5 gets a 4 out of 5. It is a fun loving series with strong and comedic characters. The Gunpla battles are all too amazing not to watch and with some deep antagonist that really show a strong passion to the Gundam series. I am floored that they made something of this nature being that there are so many other Gundam stories, but this is unique because of its real world premise and the use of your models. I would like to see this actually happen just like the Skylanders and Disney Infinity games. If Gundam did the same, but with your own model and you just have to buy a sensor to recognize what you build would be amazing.


I hope you enjoyed this review and please check back tomorrow for Gundam Build Fighters Try Ep. 6. Also add your e-mail to our subscribe area so you can stay up to date for our latest post. Stay frosty!


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