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Gundam Build Fighters Try ep. 16: Gunpla is Freedom

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How far would you go for your teammates? Comrades, friends, allies or whatever you call them; can you say you would put in your all to help them succeed? In this episode we see the passion of Sakai evolve from just building Gunpla’s against his rival Yuuma to now engaging fully into Gunpla battles. He is putting his heart and soul shifting gears by showing his true passion as well as strength in the trust of others. That is one heartwarming portion of the story, but on the other side is Gunpla academy and their vicious tactics against other fighters. This is one of those episodes where you see both strength and trust between fighters.


First off I like how you start off with a strong intro that left not only me, but the in show audience at, “what the f**k just happened?” because of the new build Sakai has made for his team. It literally looked like a Super Sentai intro with land, sea and air combiners to form one Gundam. It was the funniest moment because people were stunned that what I assume should not be allowed I guess in a Gunpla, but as it is stated in the title and this episode, “Gunpla is Freedom!” Now after all that has happened we get a flashback of Sakai begging a team that asked for his help from the start, but he kept brushing them off. It goes to show that no matter how big your ego is that you will need to step off that ladder of fame when you need help from others. The teams were reluctant at first and besides Sakai had selfish reasons to join, but one member understood his plea and now Sakai is honor bound to bring them to victory. It is a touching scene and his attitude has changed where he is more humble and understands a new feeling towards Gunpla battles.


We shift gears showing off some of the quick battles between the great fighters vs. the un-named ones, but I was curious about the ninja Gundams in the episode who were performing some badass ninjitus moves. I am speaking about the SD ninja gundam doing camouflage jutsu and switches. But the main event goes to Team Celestial Sphere vs. Team Great K. Now the funny part about team Great K is in their leader Kei Karima who is on this ego trip believing that he is the greatest Gunpla fighter, but from the start you already get the idea that he is destined to fail.


The battle already starts off weird with a bold move by the leader of Celestial Sphere Kijima telling Shia to battle alone as a punishment for finishing her gunpla late. This is an interesting tactic because they have no clue what her Gunpla is capable of and I think Kijima felt that Shia could probably handle the battle solo anyway. I mean why waste all your resources when one is enough. Don’t believe? Check out this clip below.


When your opponent starts riding on your weaponry, that’s when you know you are out matched in a fight. In that Gundam Build Fighters Try ep 16 was amazing in the sense of showing the other fighters abilities. Each taking on different tactics to handle their opponent, but I feel that we need proper villain to enhance the battles, because so far everyone is a bit humble, even the ones that are studying their opponents from afar. We need that opposition that is a threat to all the elite fighters. I hope that happens so.


In the end I give G.B.F. Try episode 16 a 3.5 out of 5. I hope you enjoyed this review and please feel free to comment below what has been your favorite Gunpla in the series so far. Stay frosty!

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