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Gundam Build Fighters Try ep. 15 Review

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Team Try Fighters are back and ready to go all in this time facing harsher opponents and putting their Gunpla to a true test of their skills. This is the event that they have been waiting for a long time now, but what opposition’s will they have to face and are they truly fired up to face the challenge?


The National tournament is finally in their grasp, but it seems all eyes are on Team Try Fighters because they are the underdog team that were not set to make it this far. However their energy and passion has paved the way for anyone that believes in their own skill as well as the trust in their own friendship. Thanks to these three kids Gunpla battles have gone beyond fancy builds and tactical battles, but instead it has brought a new wave of battles for future Gunpla warriors. Sekai, Yuuma, and Fumina faced with new rivals as they walk through the walls, but their fear has seemed to fade away. However the Gunpla Academy ranking top tier, Minato joining and the fight and the mysterious fighter that has the Gunplay Academy fighters worried makes this all an exciting episode.


First off let’s get the action out of the way because in every episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try. They pull no punches when it comes to awesome Gunpla battles and showing off amazing builds. I swear with each episode I run to Image Anime or Forbidden Planet to see the Gundams that they have in stock to try to determine what my next build will be. There is a certain intensity that you have to admire in a great anime that knows how to push your wow button as you watch certain events unfold. Sekai, Yuuma and Fuumina all have their own respected Gunpla with their own abilities that cater to each of their needs to ambush their opponents. However show you what I mean in the clip below.


The visuals in it are amazing and I have to say that even though this in a way breaks the fourth wall in showcasing a world that builds toy gundams. You have appreciate the attention to details and making an old fan and new fans enjoy how much one takes heart into building their models. I mean yes this is still in a fictional world, but through the years I have seen the same skills in person and dedication in their builds. Translating that into anime form gets kudos.


Episode 15 of Gundam Build Fighters Try gets 4 out 5. I didn’t give it the perfect score, because that this point there should have been more than just one major battle and there is too many dragged moments between the characters. This is the tournament and we need more fights, so lets bring it on and get to business. In that I hope you enjoyed this review and please share your thoughts on the series in the comment box below. Stay frosty!

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