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Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists Review

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There is nothing like gathering a great bunch of criminals, setting up a heists and getting things down in order to be successful in said job. There are certain rules to be had while working with your team, especially the main rule of communication. There will be times when you and your team will have to split up, but you will be fitted with Bluetooth to keep in touch with one another. However it takes guts to be able to handle these jobs, especially when you have to put certain people on “ice” get through the missions. That being said, please join me in my review of GTA Online Heists out now for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, but it is coming soon to PC.

Heists was a hidden gem in any of your homes for a long while by having a heist room in your place you can start heist mission via Lester at first. In the beginning you will have to deal with two player missions until you are able to advance to bigger team based missions. In that the two player mission gives you the opportunity to coordinate and practice with your fellow teammates to get the job done.


This is done just like any online mission in GTA, but the added perk of making it totally private with your own personal room. The planning stage is the key factor to look into because between you and the leader you will have to decide on your roles. I say for your first time out you should see who can perform better in each of their roles that way later on you can pass out a fair percentage to each of your teammates. That’s right future Heists leaders, do not be a douche by only giving your teammates a lousy 15% because that is just wrong. Either way here is a video to give you a glimpse of one of the missions we had to do to further our goals, because the heist missions that you perform come in parts leading to one main mission after you are done collecting the necessary items.

We were not the Reservoir Dogs the game was looking for, but we got the job done. The only drawback of the Heists is in the waiting for a new mission. It could take hours, but they don’t want you speeding through it to quickly which I can understand. Also what is up with the armor being so weak? Honestly you get hit twice and it is gone, that needs improvement.


In the end this was long overdue, but glad it is here anyway. There is a lot of strategy involved and creativity to be had as you play with your team to handle each mission. Setting up each Heists is quite comedic too especially with Lester at the wheel. Having an open world gives you many opportunities to tackle each point of the mission differently. There are a bit of hiccups at times on the online features, but when it works it works really well. Collaborating costumes for an interesting look is a great touch, but as I said communication is important. Grand Theft Auto V Online Heists does a great job with its co-op and brings a whole new level of replay value to the game. PC players get ready soon for your chance to go on heist mission because it was worth the wait.


GTA V: Online Heists gets 4.5 out of 5, so if you have not already definitely pick up a copy, make some friends and become the best criminals in the GTA universe. You will not regret it, unless your boss is greedy. Stay frosty gamers!


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