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Give me Fuel, Give me Fire, Give me That What I Desire Need for Speed

That is right developers of the famed series I saw your teaser trailer and I see we are going back to the night life of NFS, but is it the underground that we so expect and wanted for years? I surely hope so and no I am not calling you surely, unless you’re into that, but not me. Anyway let’s get back to the important things at hand and that being is this going to be the Need for Speed we have wanted for years? Let me break this down to you EA and the developers of NFS…you all had it right with Need for Speed Undergrounds 1 and 2 as well as Need for Speed Most Wanted. I did enjoy Carbon for the downhill drifting and what was a decent sequel to Most Wanted, but that whole A.I team thing killed it for me.


As you may as well expect that this is going to be a post of what I and some of us expect for you here. So here is a list of things that YOU SHOULD NOT DO!

  1. No Burnout Clones: I see what you were trying to do with Most Wanted and no dropped the ball in a sense with the Burnout Paradise two style and of course Need for Speed Rivals was okay. But please no more Burnout Clones unless it is a true Sequel to Burnout Revenge.
  2. No Gran Turismo Clones: Do not get me wrong I love the shift series for what it was, but not a fan of pro street…sorry. However we all don’t need that many simulators, because at times they can be boring. The classic action packed racing style was much appreciated with some simulator tweaks to the car, but not too crazy. There should be minor tweaks to our performance under the hood is great. But definitely keep the full customization and unique vinyl’s you had in previous games.
  3. No More RAILS: I swear NFS: THE RUN truly pissed me off because I thought this was your comeback game, especially being the first time you can get out of the car, but no there were too many horrible limitations. The kicker was the predictable ending where you win anyway…COME ON MAN! You go off road for a bit your car resets, there was no customization and no room for errors to fix your mistakes while you were on this cross country cannibal run. Please don’t do that again.


What Should Be Done!

  1. Coed Racing Storyline: Where are at this age right now where we have both male and female car enthusiast out there. I know one in particular who taught me what I needed to know when it came to certain cars. (mi_akire) So give gamers that option because it is high time we have a perspective of a female racer instead of looking at one throughout the series. If you want inspiration of a personality, use Letty from Fast and Furious series as inspiration or Leona Chin who is a drift racer. Hell make her an ally or a rival.
  2. That Awesome Customization: The one thing you did right was the fan service throughout Underground and Most Wanted. Having players submit vehicle vinyl designs really gave artist the opportunity to get their work out there and pretty much gave them a digital resume to use. That was very kind of you for doing that and I believe that needs to come back in this series. You had a vast number of designs for us to unlock while we progressed through the series and some more challenging than others to obtain. Now I would not mind paying for said Vinyl’s as long as some of the profits go to those artist that submitted, because as you well know we artist are hungry.
  3. Boss Battles: The personalities you had in Most Wanted was top notch and they really drove us to want to defeat them all, but that hardly came back. It should return with whatever live action work your do, or animated is fine, but bring that Attitude era back please. I want the Razor to try and push me to my potential and defeat him. I want that anger that the game brings to push me to improve my skills and my car for that final showdown. I want all the jumps, the hazards and police chases back.



In that being said, just do what worked and what we the fans enjoyed because that was amazing and I am sorry if this sounded too demanding. This is not a demand and I hope you do not see it as such; it is more like a respectable request, because your work is great. Some of us just miss what you gave us before all the paid content. In that for you racing fans out there please leave a comment below of your thoughts on what you expect from the new title and please add your e-mail to subscribe to our lovely site to stay up to date on the latest content. Need for Speed is looking at an autumn 2015 release, but I rather them take their time since we just found out.


I am Kuma of course and I do hope to see you out on the night streets with our amazing fuel injected chariots of AWESOMENESS. Stay frosty gamers!

From the Developers:

“Need for Speed is one of the most iconic names in gaming, and we’re returning it to greatness in this reboot,” said Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer at Ghost Games. “Pulling on our 20 years of history, and then taking a year out from releasing a game, we are making the game we’ve always wanted to. We’re listening to the fans and delivering an experience that will capture their imagination and unleash their passion for cars and speed.”


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