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Freaking Adorable Elsa Nendoroid Figure Preview

This is something I am not sure I will be able to let go, it is too damn adorable and I know that Frozen has been done to death, but come on LOOK AT IT! This new item coming from Good Smile’s Nendoroid is a chibi version of Elsa from the hit Disney film Frozen and this lovely figure comes with Olaf who is a fan favorite, at least in my opinion.


Featured information:

Inspiring millions of people around the world through a heartfelt song and message, the Royal Princess of the Arendelle is ready to capture the hearts of people once again. From the hit animated film “Frozen” Elsa now graces the annuals of toy history in an adorable chibi rendition via Good Smile’s Nendoroid line.

Featuring three different expressions – a smiling cute face, a singing face, and a “cold doesn’t bother me anyway” sldelong glancing smirking face, this figure expertly captures the purity of Elsa. As well, her intricate post-transformation dress has been carefully scuplted; the snowflaked sequins flows gracefully over minute details.

To make things even better, Olaf, the enchanted snowman who pines for the summer is included; his arms and neck are both articulated, and he comes in his standard comical expression. There is also an exclusive Nendoroid character stand inspired by Elsa’s ice castle; all of this combined creates the perfect mix for recreating your favorite scenes from Frozen!


The Elsa Nendroid figure will be available in May of 2015, but you can head on over to and pre-order this lovely item to add to your collection. Please keep in mind that you will not be charged until the actual release date. I hope you enjoyed this toy preview and please add your e-mail to our subscription box to keep you updated. Stay frosty!


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