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First Impression of Agents of Shield: Aftershocks

Guess who’s back- The Agent’s of Shield that’s who. We come back from a long mid season break: where the Oblisk was taken to an underground alien city in Puerto Rico.The Grey matter changed Sky, Killed Trip and turned Raina into something…else..


As we return Skye is in Quarantine, and Mac just gets out of Quarantine, but by the way that he is acting they should be in opposite situations Simmons is still at the site doing research while Raina is lurking about as some thorny creature.

After the update and everyone letting off some steam about Trip (including Skye learning about her new tremor powers- Quake is born). Coulson let’s out the the battle cry for the episode with a promise about Hydr: I will Crush Them!!


We then jump to round table hydra plotting their next move and wondering where is Bakshi after all that went down. Coulson has a trick up his sleeve: he stages an abduction during a transfer to General Talbot. To get Bakshi inside of Hydra to strike death blow to Hydra.- a taste of their own medicine of Grey matter, with a glimpse of the James Bond style SUV, amazing!

After a meeting with Zebo (Skye’s father), Raina is placed on a path of self-destruction, but is stopped by the Reader (In-humans y’all}.

Fritz presses Skye about his theory of the underground city, which makes Skye “Quake”, when all are alerted; Fritz keeps her secret until he finds out more. Bobbi and Mac secret goal is revealed: They are after Nick Fury’s case that is locked in Coulson’s office. Good luck getting that guy’s, Keep messing with Coulson and you two will end up like Ward!

Overall this episode dives further into the Marvel universe more than what is on the surface all leading to the Avenger’s movie and ultimately to the Infinity Wars. Can the Agents sustain that long, I don’t know but make mine Marvel!!!


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