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Fantastic 4 Trailer Reaction

So, we finally get a look at what to expect in the reboot of the Fantastic Four movie. Let’s take a gander at this teaser.

Hmm…I am not sure how to react at this point because they really do not show much. I will be honest that I did enjoy the personalities of the characters in the old film, but not so much of the origins of certain characters. This new adaptation takes a more serious tone to the F4 family and all I care about is if Michael B. Jordan can keep the same asshole personality of Johnny Storm. He might put his own spin on it, but the persona needs to be there for me to be sold, especially the relationship between him and Ben Grimm.

In all honesty the case with me in films is that if they take parts from the old version and put it towards the new one. I would find it to be a hit with me, but I will need to go into details for you to understand.

  1. The suits from the old movie should return because they were pretty badass and it gives you that comic book feel. The route with the suits they are going for now, feels a bit off.
  2. As stated the sibling feud between Ben and Johnny has to be there, but I feel it will not be as strong as what we have seen the previous films. I am rooting for the comedic banter.
  3. Don’t go to realistic with the movie. It is a comic book movie that certain people in Hollywood forget, so just to keep it as believable as possible and not realistic.
What the hell is going on here?!?

What the hell is going on here?!?

This is quite interesting and makes me wonder if they are going the psycho route when they first get their powers and lose some control. Or Johnny just flamed on and his sister Sue is just protecting herself from it, but that also leads to my question on how they are going to do the relationship now with inter-racial brother sister. I am fascinated because this gives me hope that Hollywood is actually taking a different route into something amazing. Adopted it a simple story to go by or step brother where they share the same mother or father and they could just be an inter-racial family, which is cool too.

Reed looks like a young Bruce Banner.

Reed looks like a young Bruce Banner.

Not going to lie I thought that was a Bruce Banner cameo for a second and if that were the case; Fox would have some explaining to do! In the end I am looking forward to seeing what they have produced, but I am curious on the villain. I demand we have a better Victor Von Doom dammit, because he is one badass villain to have in the series.

The CGI has gotten that good to give us a proper thing.

The CGI has gotten that good to give us a proper thing.

Finally this might be the thing we were asking for. That was the main problem in the films that the thing was a bit too shiny and didn’t have that proper rock look that made him the Badass we all loved. This time around I think it will be different in a more crumbled way. In that let’s keep an open mind on this movie, but I want to hear your thoughts and concerns in the comment box below. Stay frosty!


UDPATE: We have directors commentary on the trailer from Yahoo.

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