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Engadget Expand Presents: GoGlove Preview

This past weekend I had the opportunity of heading to the Javits Center for an amazing tech event thanks to my friend Julio. There were a lot of great tech innovations, but the booth that impressed me the most was the GoGlove booth with their slogan, “Life has a Soundtrack, Control Yours.” That alone made my curiosity spark, because at times it can be tasking to just take out your phone or mp3 player to change tracks or answer a call. There have been many devices that have tried a handy way of easy access, but hardly one that perfected the art of using your fingertips. Check out the video for the kickstarter to get a more in-depth look.



I don’t know about you, but having less distractions while on the go is a safety I can get with. Here is how it works.

With sensors placed in the fingertips and a magnet in the thumb, the Bluetooth module connects to your phone allowing for remote control. A free app opens many new features and lets you to customize which functions you want to use to interact with your phone. You can control any music app remotely when you are running, biking, skiing, at the gym, or simply walking to work. We know music can make the moment, and we want you to control yours.

GoGlove can go beyond just music though, allowing you to control your camera, GoPro®, and even other apps. This is a perfect companion to anyone on the go.


Right now I am a backer, but they still need our help to reach their goal and the rewards are very impressive. In that please head on over to Kickstart.com/Goglove to become a backer and receive more information. I like to see the team reach their goal on something that is very useful. In that I hope you enjoyed this preview and please check back for more as we go into the Engadget Expand convention. Stay frosty!


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