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Dex Flexes his Review Prowess on The Flash, Arrow and Agents of Shield

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Hey team, sorry I keep doing all these mash reviews, I have so much going on. I bet that when I get it all together the season will be over. Here we go!


The Flash: Rouge Air- 5 stars. At first I didn’t get the title. But then I realized it was a play on the movie title Air America. Initially I wasn’t too happy with this episode. It felt as if we are stretching it out to get to the finale, but when Arrow and Firestorm showed up I was giddy!! Thank you writers/DC universe for keeping it fresh in our mind that the upcoming spin-off will involve Firestorm. The episode begins with Dr. Well starting the particle accelerator, which mean the Meta humans in the the containment will die. Team Barry needed to get them out. Here’s where the cross-over starts. Barry asks ARGUS to take the prisoners, they provide the transport, he just has to get them there. Thus the title of the episode. He enlist the help of Captain cold, who in turn double crosses him- of course, Barry you big Dummy! And 5 meta Humans get away. Sets us up for the big battle- The Flash, The Arrow and Fire Storm (Mini Justice League) versus The Reverse Flash. And they kick his butt!!! Wow talk about team work. Arrow throws out an Easter egg of his own by telling Barry he will need his help in the near future. I loved this episode even though it sent me on a roller coaster of emotion, but that is what it was supposed to do. Way to go, but now what. I believe that Team Barry will try to mess with the past and save his mother. Then we will have another timeline to deal with and maybe even repeat! We set up Eddie as the villain by breaking up with Iris and resenting it toward Barry. Watch what happens.


The Arrow: My Name is Oliver Queen! 4 and half star. Yes folks the worm has become the butterfly. Oliver is something else. Oliver’s plan come to light as he is transporting the Virus with Ras-Al Ghul. He says the title of the episode for all to hear and Ras get away! Ollie you big Dummy. Team Arrow is pissed at Ollie for not keeping them in the loop, but they must come together to stop the virus. With the help of the Atom, Felicity creates a cure and Ray uses his nanites to deliver them. Another great way to remind us of the pending spin-off with the Atom. Team Arrow in a battle Royal style stop the spread (even with the help of Detective Lance). But one scene is left, the all out battle with Ras. Ollie kicks his butt!! Way to go. And he finally kills him. The ending was too sappy for me, if the series ended here- what a way to go. Ollie and Felicity drive off into the sunset (finally The Sun), Ray finally tries to shrink the Atom suit with explosive results, Thea officially become Speedy (foreshadowing the spin-off), and all is right in Starling City. Folks forgive me if I say I might not be back!



Agents of Shield: S.O.S pt. 1 & pt. 2: 5 Stars. This is how you go out with a bang! Team Coulson is scrambling to put the team back together as Jiaying brings the war to Shield. The Inhumans attack the air craft carrier the houses the alien cube. Skye finally see that her mother is crazy as she sees Jiaying kill Raina. Shield battles to stay alive and not let the teragon crystals get release. Bobbi (Mocking Bird) is held hostage by Ward. She is rescued by Hunter and May but she is torn up and beat down already and is ready to quit. Great way to start up with yet another spin-off, I hope Mocking Bird gets her own show. Ward is out for vengeance after his little project Agent 33 is killed. He starts to put together his own team. Back to Team Coulson, they are trying to stop Gordon from releasing the crystal, Skye is having family problems as her mother tries to zap her essence. Skye’s Dad Zebo saves the day and kills Jiaying. Skye sends the bi plan into the water that had more crystals. Yep you guessed it pandemic!! As Team Coulson is licking their wounds, Simmons is sucked up into the Alien Cube, just when her and Fitz were about to get it on, this big rock comes alone! Lots of possibilities to come for Team Coulson- I’m there. Make mine Marvel!!



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