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Deathtrap Early Access Review

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Good Day All,

Deathtrap is billed as a tower defense game with a heavy focus on rpg elements. But I have always felt that tower defense games always had a good amount of rpg elements, so I was curious as to how they made this focus to be more than just a tower defense game with rpg elements.

Well I found out what they did here. The gameplay does have elements of a tower defense game, but combined it with the style of Gauntlet. Overhead view of the player roaming an area, like a dungeon, setting up traps (here lies the tower defense aspects) and then once your done setting up the traps you begin the onslaught.



You are given three characters to choose from, Sorceress, Mercenary and a Marksman (this is not selectable, yet)

With any tower defense game the object is to not let any enemy enter your territory, but this time you control a character that is proactive in eliminating the enemy. Meaning you can stand by the door and bash the enemy as they come out or you can just wait for them at the end until they have walked through the many traps, essentially weakening them and picking them of.

It is a lot of clicking involved but the strategy is to know when to go after a group of monsters at the right moment or you will let one slip by.

At time this game does get a bit repetitive since if you play like I do, you will try it out in casual and see how the map is laid out before trying it on the hardest setting.

The game also offer co-op play and versus mode. Co-op seemed interesting and more intense, since double player double the monsters, but was enjoyable to play with someone.



Visually the game looks amazing on the PC, but sometimes the enemies will blend in so well that you will miss them and may slip by. I do like the deep colors and the design of the monsters; they are pretty basic but very nicely animated.



Story seemed generic so I skipped the story or wasn’t paying attention. With these types of games I could care less about the story as long as gameplay and the stat building is pretty intricate, which it seems to be, right now.


Overall, this game appeals to my rpg nature, with the added benefit of having assistance without needing a second player or character. These are all based on my own opinions and likes of these particular types of games so many may not enjoy this, while others like me will enjoy this game.


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