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Console vs PC: A Kuma Kreations Assessment

As the title states I am a console gamer that decided to go strictly PC for a while and in that I discovered a few things. First off I did this because for many years being on the console side vs. PC players who claimed a keyboard is faster than a gamepad. Well when I was younger the keyboard was the only means of choice, but now many PC games support controllers or gamepads which makes this challenge easier to analyze. I have spent months trying to fight the urge to get on a console and it was quite easy thanks to steam marketplace sales. In that I have made a video to talk about my final thoughts, so please enjoy.

Now I don’t have the best PC on the market, but it is enough to do what I need to do and that is thanks to many friends and family who taught me through the years how to build a PC and while being on a budget. I have to give PC gamers their respect because you all take the time to tweak and tune your machines to near perfection in order to get those lovely graphics and amazing game experiences. I think the first time I was ever introduced to true power of a PC was when Crysis came out and my buddies PC nearly blew up because he didn’t have the right specifications to run the game. It was like watching an Initial D episode when Takumi blew out his engine and at that point understood as well as respected the potential of computers. I dealt with the same loss this year when both my video card and power supply died on me.


Now that we have the latest game systems with the WiiU, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They are all starting too look almost as good as PC systems, but they are limited to their current hardware, while we can keep upgrading through the same year. It is expensive, but if you are willing to go through it all, it is worth it.


In conclusion, even though I did learn a lot from being a PC gamer, I am still a console gamer at heart. I will admit that it is about the simplicity of just worrying about your game saves and hard drive space. In that I shall make my return to the consoles soon enough while still maintaining my computers power. I mostly used my system for video editing and art, but it was too tempting to dabble in some WoW, League of Legends which didn’t take much power, but when I got on Warframe. I do believe my mind started to get with the program and then came steam, which all you know my wallet started crying.


Either way I like to thank Roxanne who has been hitting up our fan page, my admins for their input and my peoples that helped me fix as well as build my PC through the years. After all this I want to hear your constructive opinion. Who has switched sides? Where you PC or console? How has the change made you feel? Did you regret it or are you good? Do you have both just to have all the gaming access? I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to add your e-mail to the subscription area to your right. Being a gamer shouldn’t be a war, because we all have something in common and by doing this challenge I learned something new about my PC comrades. Remember we are equal in our interest in gaming. Stay frosty!


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I am Kuma, a ronin unlike you've ever seen. I am the founder of Kuma Kreations Entertainment and I hope you enjoy the post and videos we provide here. Please leave your comments and I hope to read many of your opinions. Stay frosty!

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