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Com-Mix Review of Powers Ep. 2 and 3

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Double time on this review! We’re tackling two episodes of the cop/superhero show of Powers. Let’s see if they can deliver once again with action and thrill just like from the pilot.


After the “cliffhanger” in the first episode, Calista is taken to RetroGirl’s home by RetroGirl, her idol by the way. Walker and Pilgrim head to her house only to find Calista had ran away….again. Seems Walker and RetroGirl had a thing together since they both are awkward conversationalist to each other’s voice mails. But I know how they feel, having an awkward conversation to your ex even if it’s not to their face. But aside from that, something is bothering me; RetroGirl can fly and Walker as Diamond had the power to fly as well. Could they be, instead of lovers, related? Nah, maybe I’m just being crazy, kinda like Wolfe.


Anyways, the big news in episode two is Johnny Royale registering his powers. Now he’s out there in the open with seemingly no secrets to hide, which we all know that he does. Other news is that the name of the drug that killed Olympia is “Sway”. In his experience, I think it does more then the name suggests. There wasn’t that much action and grittiness in episode two, but the many F bombs that Walker and Pilgrim share remind us that this isn’t a kids show.

Moving on to episode three, Walker and Pilgrim are working on a case of another Power’s death, no doubt by cause of Sway again. They find out that Royale is distributing the drug for free at his clubs. How does this dude afford the parties if he’s not getting any profit from Sway? He probably teleports inside of banks and steals money. Who knows. So all of them, Walker, Pilgrim, Calista, RetroGirl and Royale, end up running into each other at the club. The end result is surprisingly not that chaotic. We also get a look at a secret experiment that might mean the end of superheroes/villains. Judging by the color of the ray, I’m calling it the Kryptonite Experiment.

Powers Season 1, Episode 101, September 10, 2014

On a side note, there’s this boy that the show occasionally centers on, he ends up in the club as well by sheer luck. He has his own thing with this girl he plays video games with, but after a random intimate encounter with Calista, that might change. Also, we get to see Zora’s powers! Not in action, but it still looked pretty cool.


Like I said before, they are lacking in action in both episodes, but story is getting very very interesting. But that gory ending in the third episode made me quiver a bit. Talk about getting the mean munchies. Let’s hope for more action, more suspense, and less swearing in future episodes. Seriously, do they kiss their mothers with those mouths? Make sure to check out this show and I will see you all next time. Let’s Make Magic!

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