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Com-Mix Review of Powers ep. 1 a PlayStation Exclusive

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A story placed in a world of superheroes and super villains, with an edge. So far, we are introduced to the pilot episode about the life of Christian Walker, a detective and former superhero, or Power as they call them in this show. Let’s dive into this comic book based show and see if it delivered with results to talk about.



We start off the show with Walker’s partner getting killed by a brute super villain they had attempted to take in and restrain. Tragic, but a bit exciting, but he gets a replacement partner named Deena Pilgrim shortly before going on an investigation of the death of a Power. This case proves to be hard enough since the only witness didn’t see who had killed him, but that wasn’t the interesting part of this case. Get this; this girl is what they call a wannabe; a normal human wanting to be a Power. There is a way for a wannabe to acquire powers, but it’s very unconventional; they go down on a Power. Yeah, you heard me, they blow them. Not just girls, but also guys too. Talk about edgy. Anyways, the Power in the case died shortly after taking an unknown drug and getting head from the witness. Apparently the witness, Calista, thought that going down on a Power might activate her powers in turn. It didn’t. It seems she gave head to an old guy for nothing.


Getting back to Detective Walker, it is revealed that his powers were stolen by a super villain by the name of “Big Bad” Wolfe long ago. Wolfe now resides in a special jail cell for Powers thanks to Walker (Diamond at the time) catching him and putting Wolfe in jail. It seems Walker never hears the end of how much of a great super hero he was because fans left and right recognize him and nerd out on him the minute they get the chance. We get it, he was an awesome hero, leave him alone.


This show’s plot is pretty good and it has some potential to improve, but the acting and the direction of the whole thing was a little off. At times the actors overacted too much on a simple subject and at other times they’re interaction with other actors feels a bit awkward. But maybe I’m jumping the gun on this since it is still a pilot. Let’s just hope that we can see some improvement in the future episodes, and maybe we can see some more action. I mean come on; it is a superhero show after all. Catch this new cop/superhero show on PSN or the first episode on YouTube and I will see you all next time. Let’s Make Magic!


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