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Get your Race on With the Mad Catz Pro Racing Force Feedback Wheel

I am a big racing fan and have been for many years. My first racing wheel was on the Sega Dreamcast which had both brake and pedals on the steering wheel. It worked great with games like Tokyo Extreme Racing […]


Military Themed Xbox One Accessories

Coming soon to a system near you which might be in time for some FPS action (doesn’t have to be just for FPS games). The all new military accessories coming to the Xbox One.


KKEnt Tech Report: Myo Will Grant you the Power of Gestures

That is right tech fans, just a month away there will be this interesting new device that will make you feel like a telepath or in this case a “tech-no-path” by utilizing your forearm muscles to gestures devices. Introducing the […]


Amazing Magentic Levitation Device from Crealev

I want you to open up your mind real quick on this device and look around your room, go on look, I will wait…All right that should be enough time to think about what would you like to levitate as […]