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TGS 2014 Dragon Ball Xenoverse Coming to PC Trailer

All right you Z-Fighters, as you can see from the title you already know what I am about to talk about. The question is are you ready for this new installment to the Dragon Ball universe coming to the Steam […]


The red fog Brings in a new Doom in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

So, I am going to assume that you know your way around the battlefield right? So what if we just through you into a messed up scenario where all of your friends are captured and you are left to face […]


It’s Going be a Busy Fall With Upcoming Games

Well so far fellow gamers, we’ve finally come to an end to our gaming drought over the summer. And now its time for the beginning of Fall and we have some new game releases to quench that drought away!


The Zombie Apocalypse Invades PC Today With Dead Rising 3

You know, I can’t help but get a bit excited when a particular game gets ported to the PC, because certain folks out there get creative. However, we all have played our fair share of zombie games, but there is […]


Official Destiny Planet View is Here and it is Splendid

Wouldn’t you want to go beyond your own planet using google earth or google maps? Well your wish has come true…sort of. Bungie the creators of Destiny has giving us gamers a chance to take an at home exploration into […]


Classic Horror Returns from Capcom: Resident Evil

So, most of you know already that a reboot is happening for the Resident Evil game as well as an announcement for Resident Evil 2: Revelations. This is one of the best horror games out there and if you are […]


PAX Prime Nintendo fan Event of Hyrule Warriors

It is always fun to see a company enjoy their fans and PAX Prime had a nice welcome with Nintendo showcasing one of the highly anticipated titles Hyrule Warriors coming to the Nintendo WiiU. Please enjoy these lovely pictures.


Wtf Gamers Presents: Capcom, Whats the Beef?

Welcome gamers to this “What the F**k Wednesday” special where we discuss the industry that makes us question its actions. Yesterday the news blew up about Capcom suing Koei Tecmo for infringing on their patents. Thanks to Kellie Carswell who […]


Nintendo is Smashing Pax Prime with Some Hot Titles

What is going on Nintendo fans? Seattle Pax Prime coming up as the summer dwindles down to an end. I have to say that Nintendo has been showing some muscle all year with their new games coming out and that’s […]


Wtf Wednesday Presents That Twitch Effect

Whats up streamers and welcome to “What the F**k Wednesday?” where we dabble into things that make us go WTF in our community. So, last week dropped a bomb on us the streamers and so far it is already […]