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Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 Recap: Sailor Mercury

What is up people? It is I Kuma here with my recap of Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 and this time we have a new recruit joining the fold Ami Mizuno, which as some of you know is Sailor Mercury. […]


Appleseed Alpha Review

The best thing you can do when the world has gone to sh*t is to find a companion to share the chaos with. Briareos and Deunan have been fighting in this battle for a long time, but right now they may […]


Earth, Mars, Princesses? Aldnoah.Zero First Impression

“What’s going to happen to those kids whose heads have been pumped full of lies by us Adults?” speaks the synopsis of  Aldnoah.Zero: Episode one brought to us by A-1 Pictures.


Anime Monday – Summer Wars Review

Good Day Fellow Readers, Today I bring to you one of the most interesting anime I have watched in a while. This is the first anime I have seen where is deals with the intellectual aspects of human nature rather […]


Transformers: Age of Extinction Review Spoiler Free

In any combat situation the first thing a leader thinks about is his soldiers before himself. It is all about the honor code that comes with being not just a leader, but a warrior and for Optimus Prime, he is […]


Edge of Tomorrow Review

All right everyone welcome back from this awesome weekend, it is I Kuma and I am here with my Call of Duty…I am sorry Edge of Tomorrow review. In all seriousness I felt that Edge of Tomorrow showed me what […]


Com-Mix Strip Review of Superman Doomed #1

So it has been already 3 years since the debut of the New 52 series by DC Comics and I have to admit it is a series with high and low points. It seems that the roles changed when the […]


Com-Mix Strip Review of X-men: Days of Future Past

With past X-Men films that has set the bar with wonder and excitement, Bryan Singer’s X-Men Days of Future Past resets the new standard with a powerful cinematic punch that ultimately leaves you salivating and begging for more. Using Chris […]


Throwback Thursday Review of Demon City: Shinjuku

It has been a long time since I saw a good or rather decent anime and it was back in the mid 90′s when we finally obtain cablevision where I finally got a chance to check out sci-fi channel. There […]


Com-Mix Strip Presents: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season Finale Review

That Agents of Shield season finale was on point and now I can give my full review of the entire season and if you missed out on it, please do yourself a favor and hit up a marathon with a […]