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Things get Intense in Book 3 Episode 11 of The Legend of Korra

Happy Monday and welcome to this episode review of Avatar: The Legend of Korra Book 3 episode 11.The legend of Korra series has been intense so far and ever since the first book, people have been having mixed reviews on […]


Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 4 Review

Greetings all and welcome to Episode 4 of Sailor Moon Crystal where we now have three lovely guardians of justice and love. Usagi is no longer alone in this battle with Rei and Ami by her side to take on […]


RWBY Episode 4 season 2 Review

It is the weekend and in that happy Saturday everyone and welcome to this review of the latest episode of RWBY. This amazing web series that I fell in love with thanks to our lovely writer Goldfish of Poorly Done […]


Tokyo Ghoul Episode 7 Review

What do you consider a monster? This is a question that comes with a typical answer, but if you are like me you would think the idea of a Monster comes with the cruelty in one’s personality. In this review […]


Tokyo ESP – Anime Review

What would you do if you suddenly realized you had super human powers? Would you be a hero or a villain? And what powers would you want to have? These are the questions that will come to mind when you […]


Shell Shocked Kuma Reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie

This is Kuma and I am a man that can admit when he was wrong, especially in a geek community. Today released the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that we all doubted, some still do. I mean we had […]


As a Ghoul, The Hunger Is Strong. Review of Tokyo Ghoul Ep. 1-5

Tokyo Ghoul is a very interesting story; it touches on two things that people cringe against. The idea of cannibalism and that the bad guy is in between worlds. Even though the story calls for a ghoul, it is not […]


The Fire Heats up With Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 3 Review

I know the use of puns is against most geek unwritten laws, but this has to be one of the hottest episodes of the new series. All of you that have followed me this far, I welcome you back to […]


Review of Batman: Assault on Arkham

How insane can you be? I would think only a crazy person would ask such a question to another person that has lost their mind. I mean what kind of answer do you expect from a crazy person, especially one […]


Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2 Recap: Sailor Mercury

What is up people? It is I Kuma here with my recap of Sailor Moon Crystal episode 2 and this time we have a new recruit joining the fold Ami Mizuno, which as some of you know is Sailor Mercury. […]