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Action Based Final Fantasy Type-0 HD TGS Gameplay

The Final Fantasy play style takes a different route this time around in the all new Final Fantasy Type 0. This new game that was featured at this year’s E3 and now showing a gameplay trailer at the Tokyo Game […]


True Swords Debuts Attack on Titan Sword

As a fan of many things anime, I tend to collect things from my favorite series. This time around decided to grant you fans a chance to be ready to battle titans. Today’s debut of the Titan Fantasy Sword […]


Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round Preview

As many of you know or rather who have faced me, I am a veteran Dead or Alive player. I had the whole series from the Sega Dreamcast, the DOA 3 Ultimate which came with DOA 1 and was the […]


Life of a Gamer from SephDean

Aaah the life of a gamer! Now a day in this particular generation, we have multiple types of gamers such as hardcore gamers, pc gamer, console gamer, compulsive gamer, and casual gamers. There are so many types of gamers I […]


Food fight for thought. RWBY Review on it’s New Season

A food fight like no other in RWBY’s first episode to it’s new season. If you haven’t heard already Monty Oum comes at us with another amazing season. Created by Rooster Teeth, RWBY is a 3D anime about team work, […]


Toy Preview of Figma Racing Miku and her TT-ZERO 13

Any collectors out there? Don’t be shy, because being in this lovely community it is in our nature to be collectors of either comic books, video games, manga and of course toys. I know a few big collectors that either […]


Lobo Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles Preview

The main man himself is getting a new Statue that is coming out sometime in May of 2015. I have a fan of this DC character for many years. Lobo has confused me because he is not a bad guy […]


Trailer for Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms

I am just floored and amazed by the artistic styles going on in this trailer. I have no other information on a release date, but in 2016 all I know is that when I do find out the month, I […]


Mighty No. 9 Animated Series Announcement at Anime Expo

You read that right folks, the game that reached one million dollars in one day is now getting a world-wide animated series. If you were at this past weekends Anime Expo in L.A, you were there to witness from Mega […]


Sailor Moon Crystal Has Arrived

The wait is finally over, Sailor Moon Crystal is now available on Hulu and Crunchyroll. Take your pick on which site by clicking either here or here. In that happy Saturday and enjoy the show!