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Wtf Wednesday Presents: Netflix Buys Gotham

There is nothing like waking up in the morning on this lovely Wednesday and see, “Gotham is brought by Netflix after its first season run.” I literally went, “What the F**k?!?” and I said in the beginning that FOX is […]


NYCC Eastern Championships of Cosplay Information

There is nothing like dressing up in cosplay to be one of your favorite characters either for yourself or for your fans. If you are enjoying what you are doing and put in the work that shows it that is […]


Wax on then Sweep the Leg at New York Comic Con

If you are an 80’s baby like myself, then you know the famous line of “Wax on and Wax Off”. However, no matter what Barney Stinson might believe, Cobra Kai was not the heroes. This is the 30th Anniversary of […]


“Don’t I know you?” Ten Cosplayers to look out for at SDCC this year

Have you ever gone to a convention and look at cosplayers in passing and wonder if you should get a shameless selfie of them? Well fear not, because Goldfish is here to save you the embarassment of having to be […]


Com-Mix Strip Presents: Thor Thunder Goddess?

So, today comic book enthusiast got word that Marvel decided to cater to the female genre by making the famous Avenger a female character. I want to be clear that they are not turning Thor into a female as in […]


Suspicious Return of Young Justice Reveal at SDCC 2014

Okay, before you pick up your paper bag to hyperventilate, this is an “if” or “maybe” scenario for Warner Brothers may announce this huge return of our favorite cartoon series that was cancelled way before its time. This was one […]


The Atom Comes to Arrow

This is exciting news for you the Arrow fans out there. It seems that CW’s great superhero series Arrow that has been spawning more characters with each season just announced that Brandon Routh (Superman Returns, Scott Pilgrim Saves the World) […]


Episode 15 – Panels up to our eye balls

I have to say, ever since I started doing Podcast with my comrade Nick Monte of Montes Mayhem. It has been a delight and I have to say buddy thank you for the awesome experience and getting back into Comic […]


Kuma’s Interview with Goldfish Cosplayer

I have been a part of the geek culture for a long time and when it is that time I get a chance to talk with people in the community, it is always an honor. This time around I was […]


Kuma’s Artist Showcase: GandaKris

What is your story? I noticed I spent my life being interested in the talents of others, especially those that put in serious work into their craft. Not too long ago on my instagram I received a like from this […]