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Blue Estate is what Duke Nukem Forever Should Have Been

I have a confession to make…it is more of a gaming confession where I am a big fan of comedic video games. These are the games that actually feel like games if that makes any sense. It takes the normal and becomes abnormal by throwing in an a-hole protagonist to bring havoc to society while doing a just cause. This is Blue State that is coming to the Xbox One video game console this month and thanks to XboxMADTV for sharing their twenty minute demo of the game. It has made me a believer in goofy first person shooter titles again, but it also makes me wish Duke Nukem stepped their game up.

After seeing that preview I am looking forward to my purchase of an Xbox One later this month, but honestly why couldn’t Duke be that good again? It begs the question when watching this twenty minute demo of its rude commentary, eerie satire and boobilation all over the place. It still has a fun factor with great violence involved. The scenes and the interactions are on point, especially the situation when you lose control of your hair. This is all perks for an amusing video game that pulls no punches with is point of being that game to go pass the limits…in humor and fun that is.


Also I would like to add that this game makes me want to bring back light guns again. Remember those accessories that gave us a better feel when we played shooter gamers. Granted it was a game that put you on rails, but they did improve it with Time Crisis 4 adding an analog stick to the game giving you a true FPS game to get your grips on.


Game Synopsis

Blue Estate is a darkly funny on-rails shooter with a crazy story about surreal characters, told by a clueless Private Detective, who’s being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Procrastination. It’s funny, ridiculous and unpredictable, bringing back the joy of arcade light gun shooters to the next gen consoles. It’s not to be taken seriously, but consumed as a shot of entertainment with a killing spree twist.

The story is about the fall of Tony Luciano – the one and only son of L.A. mob boss Don Luciano, and the rise of Clarence – a dishonorably discharged Navy SEAL looking for a fresh start. Tony starts a war with the Sik Brother gang after Cherry Popz has been kidnapped. The war runs out of control when Eastern European mobsters steal a 1 million$ ransom that was to serve as exchange money for Blue Estate, Tony’s father favorite racing horse. Clarence is called on the field to close the case.

The game is a prequel of Blue Estate Season 1.


I can’t wait to stream Blue Estate when it drops February 18th 2015 for both PS4 and Xbox One game consoles. Thanks again to XboxMADTV for sharing their demo footage. Stay frosty gamers!



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